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The Golden Age of Islam

1.04 World History

Sarah Ziglar

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of The Golden Age of Islam

The Golden Age of Islam The best time to live
in Southwest Asia! Economic
Success Paper During the Golden age of Islam the Islamic Empire discovered the art of paper making from
the Chinese, through their
extensive trade routes. The new paper
making system was a lot faster and easier than making papyrus or parchment. As a result, paper started being used by government offices, sold in shops, and used as a form of credit (equivalent to that of present day checks). House of Wisdom The House of wisdom was created by
Al-Ma'mun and was located in Baghdad, Iraq. The house of wisdom was a place where scholars from other countries would come to preserve works of literature and history, as well as translate it into Arabic. Scholars also sought to understand the information within the house of wisdom and incorperate it into the teachings of Islam Thanks to some of those scholars, works that are very important to present day society were not lost as they might have been had they not been preserved at the House of Wisdom. Great intellectual achievements and preservation When conquering new lands the Islamic Empire did not seek to destroy property or people. This approach was based on teachings of the Qur'an. Another teaching of the Qur'an encouraged people to strive to learn and gain understanding, and knowledge. As a result scholars of other religions were welcomed into the empire and helped the empire to flourish. An Empire nurtured through both Islam, and tolerance of other's beliefs. Qur'an Stability and Peacefulness throughout the Empire. Islamic Law Islamic law was universal throughout the empire. Even as the Empire grew the Empire remained peaceful and prosperous by the establishing an official language, Arabic. The government also kept control and peace simultaneously by allowing religious activity, other than Islam, but keeping the established Religious Law, Islamic Law.
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