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timothy mcveigh

No description

ben benson

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of timothy mcveigh

On the morning of April 19, 1995, an ex-Army soldier and security guard named Timothy McVeigh parked a rented Ryder truck in front of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City. He was about to commit mass murder.
Inside the vehicle was a powerful bomb made out of a deadly cocktail of agricultural fertilizer, diesel fuel, and other chemicals. McVeigh got out, locked the door, and headed towards his getaway car. He ignited one timed fuse, then another.
At precisely 9:02 a.m., the bomb exploded.

Timothy McVeigh
Oklahoma City Bombing
One of McVeigh's favorite films is the 1984 Patrick Swayze epic red dawn. It fallows a group of small town teens conversion to guerillas fighters when a foreign army invades America. the teens stock up mainly on explosives and ammo.
The Effects
What was your first reaction to the news? I was stunned and shocked that something like this could happen and so she immediately stopped doing housework to watch the news. When you found out that many children were killed and injured what was your reaction? Absolute disgust, I could not believe that somebody from this country could do that to their own countrymen. What were you doing when you heard of the bombing? I was at home doing housework at the time.

This event changed the way I looked at the nation and the world. The bombing not only shook a nation, but it shook my trust in people.

Count 1, conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction
Count 2, use of a weapon of mass destruction
Count 3, destruction by explosive
There were 8 counts of first degree murder.

Oklahoma city bombing-Against a perfect blue-sky background, at 9:00 am a yellow Ryder Rental Truck pulled into the Alfred P. Murrah Building parking lot. The suspect, Timothy McVeigh, stepped out of the truck and casually walked away. Two minutes later, all hell broke loose. The truck exploded and unleashed 4,000 pounds of deadly diesel-fuel-fertilizer into the front of the building.
Timothy McVeigh
Timothy McVeigh blamed the government for killing the people of the Branch Davidian religious sect.
He felt that the government killed them because of there religious beliefs
One of McVeigh's favorite books is the turner diaries. It's hero, earl turner, responds to gun control by making a truck bomb and blowing up the Washington FBI building
This is an interview with a childs aunt from the bombing.
Discuss Questions
1. What was Timothy's childhood like?

2. What was going through his head to make him get to this level of destruction?

3. What did his military service have to do with this?

4. What did his service men think of him while he was in the military?

steps in the justice process
1. investigation
2. arrest
3. preliminary hearing
4. trial
5. verdict
6. sentence
7. appeal

Rights of accused
no unreasonable search or seizure without warrant
no trial unless indicted by grand jury
no double jeopardy
no self incrimination
no deprivation of life liberty of property without due process of law
fair and speedy trial by jury
be informed about the crime accused of committed
face accuser
have an attorney

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