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Olivia Becht and Regan O'Brien

No description

lib hist

on 3 September 2018

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Transcript of Olivia Becht and Regan O'Brien

Jay R Vargas/Facts/ Differences
Jay R. Vargas
He was in the U.S. Marine Corps
Vietnam War
Company: G, 2d Battalion
Date of birth/place: July 29, 1940 in Winslow, Arizona
Rank: Captain
Date of issue: 05/14/1970
Received the medal: May 14, 1970
President Richard M. Nixon presented the award
Thirty years of service (ended in 1992 as Colonel)
Desmond T. Doss/ Facts/Differences
Desmond T. Doss
U.S. Army
World War 2
Company: Medical Department
Date of birth/ place: February 7, 1919 in Lynchburg, Virginia
Rank: Private First Class
Date of issue: 11/01/1945
Received the medal: October 12, 1945
President Harry Truman presented the award
Discharged in 1946, he spent five years undergoing medical treatment for his injuries and illness
Desmond Doss
For Desmond Doss I chose valor because he risked his own life to save the ones left behind. Everyday during the war, he ran back and forth taking men and lowering them down by a rope till safety. He was supposed to go back with the rest of the troop but he decided it wasn't fair to those who were still living to be left behind. One day he didn't just save his own men, but the enemy team as well. He eventually got wounded and help came for him but he didn't want to leave one more person behind.
Jay R. Vargas
For Jay R. Vargas I chose sacrifice because , when he was in the Vietnam war , he sacrificed his life when he called in amunition on him and his troops to take out the Vietnamise soldiers because it would save so many other troops in the Marines. Unfortunatly before he could call it in half of his company was shot down and wounded. He then sacrificed his life once again and dragged four wounded men loo yards while firing at the enemy , defending and protecting his them.
Olivia Becht and Regan O'Brien
Picture of Jay R Vargas
Movie script: The Sacrifice
Picture of Desmond Doss
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