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Do brands really need an interactive agency?

In some mature markets the Internet now accounts for a quarter of all advertising spend. As brands mature in the digital space and start to treat digital as an integral part of the marketing mix is it time agencies did the same?

Mark Blackburn

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Do brands really need an interactive agency?

Do brands really need an interactive agency?
Mash Ups?
Plans, leads expert sources and co-ordinates all aspects of MarCom

Use technology seamlessly to provide genuine innovation

Focus on the idea rather than the vehicle. Just like in Mad Men
Specialised staff
One stop-shop
Do Brands Really Need an Interactive Agency?
Account Management
Media Buying

Customers should be at the centre of everything we do
marketers must lead agency change
what are the alternatives to an interactive agency?
"Technology only becomes socially interesting when it becomes technologically boring"
Customer as prosumer - creating and consuming
at the same time
digital is not a channel
there is no digital for customers
There is just life
Do brands really need an interactive agency?
full service?
specialist technology providers?
traditional content
Interaction - Paid, Owned & Earned
Intelligence - integration, metrics, speed
It's all our fault
Do brands really need interactive marketers (like me)?
Do brands really need interactive marketing conferences (like this)?
Digital is everything
Sean Corcoran - blogs.forrester.com/sean_corcoran // @seancor
Clay Shirky - shirky.com // @cshirky
Ray Kursweil - kurzweilai.net // @raykursweil2035
Mark Blackburn - mark-blackburn.com // @markblackburn31
Clay Shirky
Sean Corcoran
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