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The Han Dynasty

No description

Jorge Lopez

on 13 October 2013

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Transcript of The Han Dynasty

In the Han Dynasty there were two different periods of time: The Western Han and The Eastern Han. This is because on 9 AD. The Han Dynasty was interrupted by the Xin Dynasty because of the former regent, Wang Mang. On 25 AD. the Han Dynasty was restored, but at the same time the period was split up and they decided to call one period Western Han which lasted from (206 BC. to 9 AD.) and the Eastern Han was from (25 AD. to 220 AD.)
The Han Dynasty a period in which many agricultural achievements like the iron plow, the chain pump, measurements for harvesting, and wheelbarrow. Before these inventions were made on Chinese society, farming was twice as hard as it was after those inventions. The first emperor of The Han dynasty, Liu Bang, was a commoner but still showed no interest for agriculture. It would be impossible to have 60 million people without great agriculture.
The Han Dynasty is regarded as being one of the most successful of all Chinese Dynasties. The practices and traditions during this dynasty helped the imperial rule that governed China for over 2000 years. Several forms of religion dominated China during the Han Dynasty period. The religion on The Han Dynasty helped form the law of of those in power. The influences of the Han Dynasty religion influenced the next generations.
The Han Dynasty
Jorge Lopez #16
The Han Dynasty, was the dynasty that followed from the Qin Dynasty. It lasted from 206 BC. to 220 AD.
Timeline Division
The Han Dynasty economy was based significantly on the growth of population on China and also its trade. In this era the levels of coin currency grew significantly, forming the foundation of a monetary system.

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