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The Jade Peony

eng presentation

Sam P.

on 1 April 2011

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Transcript of The Jade Peony

Raised in Vancouver's Chinatown by both his adoptive parents and his extended community Born in Vancouver on April 20th, 1939 What do you cherish the most about your culture? He was a student at UBC Background Information The story takes place in Chinatown, Vancouver, in the late 1930s and 1940s "The Jade Peony" was a story Wayson Chou written in UBC's Creative Writing program The story is told through the youngest child, Sek-Lung Characters Sek-Lung: the youngest child in the family. He is also the narrator Grandmama: the grandmother who dies in the begging of the story Minor characters: Major characters: Father, Kiam (oldest brother), Jung (second oldest brother), Liang (sister) Symbols jade peony: represents the grandmama wind chime: represents the culture the cat and the jugglar: represent death and fate Theme What do you think the theme is? Theme Many traditions are lost in a new environment Superstition still holds its value in a scientific, logical world The old and the young often shares a special bond The story is written in flashback. Grandmama's hand: represents her health Conflict Internal: Grandmama fighting death External: Grandmama and Sek-Lung trys to hold onto the tradition while being critisized by others. Relationship Grandmama and Sek-Lung are "Spiritual playmate" Why is grandmama close with Sek-Lung, but not as close with Sek-Lung's brothers and sister? Death death is often mentioned when grandmama and Sek-Lung are making the windchimes Why do you suppose the author mentions death at such locations? Education Sek-Lung claims that the real education was the hours he spents with Grandmama. Is what Sek-Lung claims education? What is education? Accident or Fate? After Grandmama saw the white cat with pink eyes, "a chill gripped her" (p115), but she claimed that the juglar is coming to get her. Is this fate or just a coincident? Jade Peony and the Wind Chime Peony is China's National Flower, known as the flower of riches and honor Jade is a symbol for beauty and nobility. It is also considered
as a luck charm. Wind Chime is a closely related to serenity and beauty. What do you think
about this story?

Do you like it or
do you not? Why? For those of you who like the book, there are good news. There's a novel called which talks about the story in more detail and in different point of views. Jade Peony There is a sequel as well, called which talks about the story in the oldest brother's point of view. All That Matters What traditions are still being practiced today? What's the difference between a tradition and a superstition? why do you suppose they still exist? What roles do they play in our society? Tradition, Change, and Choices By Sam Pan and Fiona Mo While living in a modern-minded family, Sek-Lung and his Grandmama clings on to the traditional beliefes and practices. Is this their choice, or are they scared of change and want to cling on to the familiar?
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