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Afira Salahuddin

on 28 April 2013

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Transcript of Confederation

Confederation NRG: 86 Q: Should our colony, Canada East join Confederation in 1867? Immediate
Effects Canada East References http://www.mcgrawhill.ca/web_resources/sch/SHAPING%20CANADACH06.pdf


Youtube The province will retain control of its own language, religion, education, and civil law.
All the provinces would have control over the property and the civil rights .
The "Fathers of Confederation" ( John A. Macdonald, George Brown, and George-Etienne Cartier) said that if the small colonies all combined then there would be enough money to solve the problems in hand (building railways). CONS By: Aleena, Afira, Lubaba, Mannat, and Sara K. A: To answer the question, we looked at some immediate and potential effects of Confederation if BNA do unite. CONS: PROS: English representation in the union would out number French representation
If the colonies didn't join Confederation then they would all risk having war with the U.S
Canada East and Nova scotia told John A. Macdonald, George Brown, and George-Etienne Cartier to put in a Federal Goverenment Potential
Effects PROS Introduction If Canada West and East unite into one big country, they would have a better chance of defeating the US and the Fenian.
If Canada West and East unite, they would make enough money to build a railway for Inter-Colonial Trade.
The province would gain control of language, religion, education, and Civil law.
United States most likely won't take over if the Confederation is united. If BNA does unite, then the central government would have too much power. In Canada East, there were conflicts in the plan for Confederation. At the Quebec Conference, a french politician complained that there were a lot of English-speaking delegates than French-speaking delegates. Since Canada East had a lot of French-speaking people, if Canada East and Canada West united as one country, they would be more English-speaking Canadians than French-speaking. George Etienne Cartier made sure that if Canada East joined confederation, they would get to keep their language and their culture. He also told them if they didn't join Confederation, the Americans and the Fenian would attack them. OUR FINAL ANSWER: YES Canada East should join Confederation in 1867.
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