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Negative Effects of Computers on Human Beings

Haneen Abdallah ICS3U0-B

Haneen Abdallah

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of Negative Effects of Computers on Human Beings

ICS3U0-B Background Info
List of Negative Effects
1. Negative Effects on Men & Women
2. Negative Effects of Computer Addiction
3. Negative Effects on Children
4. Physical Decline
5. Exposure to Adult Topics
Negative Effects of Computers on the Environment
Video: How to Protect Yourself From Computer Radiation
Personal Opinion
Work Sited AGENDA A Computer is an important factor of technology in a human beings life.
Computers are used for educational along with socializing purposes.
But as human beings, you'd think we know how to properly use computers which in fact is false.
Computers send out radiation which can harm humans in many ways.
Most humans ignore the negative effects of computer radiation which will come back to harm them as they grow older. Background Info Computer addiction has a selection of negative effects on human beings.
One of the most recent ones is social.
Humans that are addicted to computers usually remove themselves from social interactions they have with their parents/friends/teachers, and stop attending social gatherings, meetings, parties, etc. just so they can spend more time on the computer.
Also, if their primary friends are screen names in a chat room, they may end up having difficulty with face-to-face conversations due to the lack of experience and shyness.
It is almost as if they become short-tempered when they’re away from the computer which will eventually cause social harm. 2. Negative Effects of Computer Addiction For men, it’s unlikely that radiation from a computer can burn your skin or cause premature aging but studies show that it can cause men to become infertile due to the radiation and warmth which in fact may affect the quality and quantity of sperm production.

For women, some research on the effects of this kind of non ionizing radiation has raised a red flag on excessive exposure. High levels of non ionizing radiation in humans has been linked with causing genetic damage, spontaneous abortion, and birth defects. 1. Negative Effects on Men & Women According to Wellesley University, hours behind a keyboard can cause delays and strain on their developing musculoskeletal system.
It also takes time away from a child that should be exercising to help him grow.
The lack of exercise may to weight control problems such as obesity.
Also, computers emit vapors that can sometimes cause ear and skin conditions along with nose and throat problems. 4. Physical Decline 1. Negative Effects on Men & Women
2. Negative Effects of Computer Addiction
3. Negative Effects on Children
4. Physical Decline
5. Exposure to Adult Topics LIST OF NEGATIVE EFFECTS Computers are negatively affecting children day by day.
The development of technology makes it almost impossible to avoid the use of computers.
Children usually go on the computer for gaming purposes rather than educational purposes causing poor eye sight, lack of communication skills and bad results in school.
To begin, children using computers for a long period of time can cause poor eye sight.
Concentration on the screen with a high resolution can damage a child’s eye sight causing eye problems, typically making a child short-sighted.
It has also been proven by the American Optometric Association that children are more likely to develop eye discomfort, fatigue, headaches and blurred vision due to computer use.
Secondly, it is a well known fact that people who play too many games on the computer can lack communication skills because they only know a little about life which can cause them harm.
Lastly, some children can become addicted to online gaming which can cause them great harm like death.
For example: a little boy from Korea stayed on the computer playing games for 3 days straight without rest which resulted to his death. Humans that are computer addicts get attached to an artificial world online which can cause them to become more emotional based on the events happening in the game rather than real life situations.
Furthermore, computer addiction can also cause physical damage.
Using the mouse and keyboard for a long period of time can cause repetitive stress injuries.
It can also cause back problems (how they sit and for how long), Long-term sleep deprivation (late-night computer sessions) which causes drowsiness, difficulty concentrating, depression of the immune system and the loss of a users job due to late night sessions which will affect job performances.
Also, someone who spends hours and hours on the computer is not getting enough exercise which leads to an overall poor health condition and obesity. 3. Negative Effects on Children Negative Effects of Computers on the Environment Video: How to Protect Yourself From Computer Radiation The more children use computers, the more they venture into specific websites that are only suitable for adults.
They get exposed to adult topics and topics beyond their understanding which according to Wellesley University can corrupt their intellectual, social and moral development. 5. Exposure to Adult Topics Although computers can be used as a tool to spread awareness about problems in the environment, they cause a lot of environmental problems themselves.
Pollution caused by the production of computer hardware, as well as from the cleaning agents used to clean computers, is a great hazard to the environment and the people that live in it.
People leave their computers on non stop resulting in a lot of energy consumption and enormous amounts of paper are being used daily to print out electronically stored data.
It causes health problems as well as economic problems and is in urgent need of treatment. Personal Opinion I personally think this is the kind of topic everybody on this planet should explore. It's shocking to see the amount of negative effects computers have on us human beings.
I may have ignored all the "facts" that were proven about computers and how badly they effect us but I did not know how bad they were until I explored myself.
There are many ways computers can negatively affect us but there are ways we can protect ourselves from computer harm. (Video)
One thing parents should do is watch their kids while on the computer; make sure they're not sitting too close to the screen, make sure they're not on any websites that they are not supposed to be on, make sure they're studying rather than going on facebook/twitter, etc.
I think this topic is very important and useful because it tells people what they should be afraid of and what to expect if they're not careful in the near future. Works Cited http://www.ehow.com/list_5883106_negative-effects-computer-radiation.html




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