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Literacy... S.P.A.G!!!!

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Maddy Roberts

on 2 March 2013

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Transcript of Literacy... S.P.A.G!!!!

By Maddy Roberts
6kl. Literacy....S.P.A.G... What does S.P.A.G mean????
even though this doesn't always work!?!?! Get your SPELLINGS right!

I before E except after C....
Literacy! is easy when
YOU get the hang of it! Sucess starts NOW!!!! 1. add punctuation (correct punctuation)
2. add onomatopoeia
3. include speech and dialogue ( don't forget the inverted commas(speech marks!))
4. use paragraphs wisely
5. DON'T chitter chatter or copy someone else's work!!!! 5 things on what you need to include in your
literacy work!

I hope this have given you some clues to good work!!!!
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