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Bloom's Taxonomy for Assessment


Clayton Austin

on 21 October 2014

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Transcript of Bloom's Taxonomy for Assessment

Bloom's Taxonomy
for Instruction and Assessment
Imagine you could admit only one of these two students to law school. The only information you had was their "Intro to Law" final exam. They both scored 90%. Who do you admit?
Student A
Student B
"En banc" means....?
a. don't insult the judge
b. make a deposit
c. return a verdict
d. all the above
Trace the doctrine of "separate but equal" through the Supreme Court, including "Plessy v Ferguson" and "Brown vs. Board of Education". Conjecture on the ramifications on a future case regarding gay marriage.
A dilemma
Do we test...
a LOT?
or HOT?
low order thinking
high order thinking
Testing only memory
Testing without memory
A tool
A quiz
Which one of the following values approximates best to the volume of a sphere with radius of 5m?
Aside: (In order to answer this question the formula 4πr3>/3 must be recalled)

"The story is told of the famous German 0rganic Chemist Gustav Albrecht who was struggling with the problem of how the six carbon atoms of benzene were linked together. He was getting nowhere with the problem, and one day fell asleep in front of the fireplace while he was pondering on it. He dreamt of molecules twisting and turning around like snakes. Suddenly, one of the snakes swallowed its own tail and rolled around like a hoop. Albrecht woke up with a start, and realized that his problem could be solved if the six carbon atoms of benzene were attached to each other to form a ring. Further work showed this entirely correct.

The above passage illustrates a particular phase of the creative process. Which one is it?
Which one of the following persons is the author of Das Kapital?

"The creative process is believed to take place in five stages, they follow in this order: ORIENTATION, when the problem must be identified and defined, PREPARATION, when all the possible information is collected, INCUBATION, when there seems to be no solution and one is often engaged in other tasks, ILLUMINATION, when the person experiences a general idea of how to arrive at a solution, and finally VERIFICATION, when the person decides the solution is the right one.
How would you judge this student's answer?

1.EXCELLENT (all stages correct in the right order with clear and correct explanations)
2.GOOD (all stages correct in the right order, but the explanations are not as clear as they should be)
3.MEDIOCRE (one or two stages are missing or the stages are in the wrong order, or the explanation are not clear OR the explanations are irrelevant)
4.UNACCEPTABLE (more than two stages are missing AND the order is incorrect and the explanations are not clear AND/OR they are irrelevant)
All the preceding 4 questions quizzed you at what level of Bloom's Taxonomy?

1. Evaluation
2. Comprehnsion
3. Synthesis
4. Analysis
A warm-up....
A. Which of the following is not a part of Bloom's Taxonomy?

1. Application 2. Prediction 3. Evaluation
4. Synthesis 5. Knowledge 6. Analysis
B.What part was missing from that list?
C. Questions A and B tested at what level of Bloom's Taxonomy?
Clayton austin, ph.d.
Take a look at a sample question from their final...
What is the definition of a noun?
How many planets are in our solar system?
In what year did the Boston Tea Party occur?
a. 1620
b. 1773
c. 2010
Summarize the process of blood circuluation.
Explain what E=mc2 means.
Paraphrase the intent of the "Declaration of Independence".
understanding; stating in your own words
simple recall or recognition of facts and terms
use of theory or principles in specific concrete situations
How could the Pythagorean Theorem be used to measure the height of a tree?
Demonstrate Newton's First or Third Law of Motion using tennis balls.
Write a question at each level of Bloom' Taxonomy.
separation of complex ideas into component parts and relationships
How does the First Ammendment guarantee our freedoms?
How are the digestive and respiratory processes alike and different?.
Create a diagram of the life cycle.
combining multiple ideas into meaningful whole
What do the first ten ammendments to the Constitution have in common?
State a conclusion supported by these facts.
Describe a generalization drawn from these data.
making judgements based on standards or evidence
What was the most important of the first ten ammendments? Why?
What is your opinion of the school grading policy?
Rate the body systems from most to least vital.
An Example
What are the names of the nine planets?
Explain in your own words the characteristics of the moon.
How wouldyou determine the distance between Earth and Mars?
What are 3 differences between Earth and its moon?
What is one characteristic that all the planets have in common?
Which planet is most like Earth? Why?
Ariasian, 2005
8. K
9. AN
10. K or C
11. K or C
12. C
13. K
1. AP
2. K
3. K or AP
4. K or AP
An Analysis
A description
A synthesis
An Evaluation
A test!
A researcher is interested on the effects of alcohol consumption on the weight change in college freshman. The research records the number of alcoholic drinks consumed per week and the change in weight (gain or lost) during the first semester of college. The sample was a group of 25 freshmen that volunteered at orientation.

For the above example identify the
a. population
b. sample
c. independent variable
d. dependent variable
The researcher is interested in the effects of alcohol consumption on weight gain/loss in freshman. How could the study be improved by including other variables (other than alcohol consumption) that affect weight gain/loss? How could the study be improved by including other variables (other than weight gain/loss) that indicate health? How could the samples size or recruitment be improved?
Using some of the other variables you named in the previous question (not alcohol consumption or weight gain/loss), create a study that examines the effect of certain behaviors or characteristics on health. Also make an improvement on the sample size or recruitment.
Clayton austin, ph.d.
Bloom's Taxonomy for Assessment & Instruction
The Black Box
Focus on what is visible...
not the invisible
Is learning...
repeatable behavior or...
constructing ideas?
Benjamin Bloom, Ph. D.
University of Chicago
Taxonomy of Educational Objectives (1956). Allyn and Bacon, Boston, MA.
Charles H. Swift Distinguished Service Professor
Bloom's Taxonomy
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