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Home ec prezi 1 pillow case

No description

Eloise Yates

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of Home ec prezi 1 pillow case

Sleeping Beauty's Pillowcase
Design option three was chosen as the final design because it fitted both the clients requirements and the production criteria the best. This pillowcase can be done with in the time limit, is trendy with contrasting colors and ribbon and it will be comfortable to sleep on. It was my favourite design option and I feel that it will last me the longest.
This pillow case not only needs to fit the client requirements but also has to be something that fits into the criteria of the production. The production criteria includes five categories, firstly how long it will take to make, secondly how much skill level is required, thirdly how expensive it is, fourthly how comfortable it will be to sleep on and finally how trendy it is. Time is the most important criteria of all five; this is because without substantial time it would be impossible to fulfil the other criteria set out. Since there is little time in class and no time at home it is important that the design is simple and time efficient requiring a maximum time of two hours for the embellishments but more realistically an hour. The skill required needs to be fairly low because of time restraints and practice and ability. The expense needs to be low, not exceeding the $30 price mark for both the fabric and embellishments. The fourth criteria is also very important as even if you have the money, time, skills and its trendy if it’s horrible to sleep on its useless. The pillow must have soft, breathable material and embellishments that are also soft or smooth/flat so as not to bother the face or hands when sleeping. Finally this pillow case should be trendy and a pillow case you may find in a shop window. Such pillowcases include things such as bright contrasting colors, floral print, ribbon or rickrack and inspirational words.
Popular pillowcases available in shops
By Eloise Yates

- contrast between
light colors
dark colors
• Simplicity including
geometric designs

animal patterns
• Earthy focus
• Different textures e.g.
and ribbon sewn on
• Big words
• Simple floral designs
such as
floral on white
I want a pillowcase that is simple yet pretty and cute. It needs to incorporate either the colors blue, red or pink or a mixture of two or three of the colors. This pillowcase can’t be too busy since my doona cover already is and the business of the two will clash. Another aspect that the pillowcase must include is blue furry ribbon as this will tie my doona cover and the pillow case together. This pillowcase must be trendy and not too out there, it should follow what you would see in the shops. The most important aspect of the pillowcase is that it must be comfortable sleep on as even if it looks great an item that is impractical is very annoying and pointless. The final feature present in this pillow case is the convenience for cleaning, it has to be able to be washed in a washing machine and tumble-dry safe.
Exploring the qualities of several possible fabrics
Fabric Analysis
1. Excellent
2. Very soft
3. Strong,will wear well
4. Easy to wash
Yellow means this is a good attribute and

means a bad attribute
1. This will keep you cool on hot nights
and absorb sweat keeping you dry
2. This will means it will be comfortable
and nice to sleep in
3. Cotton won't rip or tear easily
4. This fabric can be washed in a
washing machine, meaning it is simple,
easy and cheap to keep clean
What makes an appropriate
pillow case............
It is important to make sure the pillowcase you are using an appropriate size because when using a pillow case that is too big or small, it is hard to stay comfortable and in the morning you shoulders or neck are often stiff and sore. A medium sized, rectangular pillow case is one of the best options, and is easiest to come by.
Appropriate size
The function pillow case should include the following:

Comfortable fabric
Easy to clean and care for
Suitable to season
An appropriate size
The functional Pillowcase
In winter you want:
Absorbent to avoid getting sweaty and sticky
Soft, in winter you want a pillowcase that is soft and snuggly to help keep you warm and comfortable
Warm to keep comfortable
In summer you want a pillow case that:
Is highly absorbent so that it doesn’t get sticky and sweaty
Soft pillowcase so that it is nice to sleep on
Cool to keep you comfortable
Suitable to season
Imagine having a pillowcase that has to be dry cleaned
every week. It would be highly impractical, annoying and expensive.
This is why it is important to make sure pillow cases are easy to wash,
so that it is convenient, easy and cheap. The easiest form of washing is machine
washing and when making or buying a pillow case this should
be the form of wash the care label indicates.
Easy to wash
It is important to choose a fabric for your pillow case that includes these major properties:
Comfortable fabric
Client Analysis
What do I want my pillowcase to be like?
Lets look at the factors.....
Possible design option 3:
This option was not chosen to be the final design because it did not meet all the criteria. This design’s biggest issue was time, because of the curved applique it would have taken a long time to complete. Other criteria that this design did not fit was how much skill was required and how trendy it was.
Possible design option 1:
This design was not chosen to be the final design, even though it fitted all criteria perfectly. This design was the least favoured one for looks and did not fit the clients requirements of suiting other accessories of their room as this pillow case would have been quite busy and so is the client's duvet cover so the two patterns would have clashed. This pillow case also shows little skill.
Possible design option 2:
Furry ribbon
Appliqued dog profile. White and blue printed fabric.
Plain white background
Furry blue ribbon
Floral on white fabric
Red on white patterned fabric
Blue furry ribbon
Plain white fabric
1. Strong
2. Easy to wash
3. Wrinkle resistant
4. Low absorbency
5. Static and piling
1. Won't rip or tear easily
2. Don't need to worry about dry
cleaning or hand washing
3. Won't crinkle easily
4. Hair on end and piling will feel funny on face
5. Make night clammy and
6. stuffy- not good in Brisbane
1. Strong
2. Easy to wash
3.wrinkle resistant
4. Static and piling
5. Low absorbency
1. wont rip or tear easily
2. Easy to keep clean
3. Wont wrinkle- looks nice

Hair on end and piling will feel funny on
5. Makes night clammy and sticky- No good in Brisbane
1. Comfortable
2. High absorbency
3. Not static
4. No piling
5. Hard to wash
1. Easy to sleep on
2. Cool, good for summer
3. Don't have to worry about hair in the
4.Uncomfortable on face
5. Complicated to keep clean, expensive
and annoying
1. Hard to wash
2. Bad wear (easy to rip)
3. Little static
4. No piling
1. Complicated, expensive and
2. May rip or tear easily
3. May make your hair a little
4. Wont feel funny on face
Did I manage to keep to this plan?
I didn't keep to this plan. I fell behind in sewing
because I didn't get enough fabric to start with and when writing this plan I did not realize how long it would take to do all the little steps that had to be taken. I was too ambitious in how long each step took me. I think I worked well in class while sewing although at home with the prezi I did not take into consideration how long each area will take and so left it a little late.
Time Management
How did I work?
Chose of design,
fabric, embellishments
Planning and Organization
Sewing process and skill level
The assignment factors

I think I chose the right design for my skill level and
what I wanted my pillow case to be. It is colorful, simple and
incorporates the skills I am capable of. The embellishments
included were stripes in red and white fabric, and blue velveteen
ribbon these colors contrasted well. I intended to make the original design diagonal but due to time and revision of what I really wanted I decided to make them vertical. I chose to use 100% cotton although I planned to use cotton-polyester blend but as this was not readily available I decided that 100% cotton would be nicer than polyester-cotton. Cotton is cool and easy to wash both features needed for a summer pillow case. I originally wanted to use a blend of cotton polyester because polyester has the feature of less crinkles something cotton lacks, but polyester also is hot and clammy and I would rather a crinkled pillowcase than a hot pillowcase.
I think I worked well and quickly when sewing. I kept to my skill level because of the time restraints. I know I am good at straight sewing quickly so changed the design from appliqueing and then straight sewing to just straight sewing. I didn't have the neatest sewing when sewing the two pattern piece A's together but this will be hidden when the A's and B pieces are sewn together. I think I improved my skill level because of the practice. I worked fairly independently although needed guidance about where to go next, although I think once instructed I was able to complete the tasks quickly and independently.
I planned my work well and was mostly organized although the amounts of fabric needed was something that I needed to reconsider half-way through the task. I had a clear view of what I wanted my pillowcase to look like and this helped in my focus and organization. I was quite organized in class and I listened to instructions. I may not have followed my planning sheet but I did my best to get the tasks done. My biggest hurdle for organization was getting the embellishments done, once that was complete it was all down hill.
This pillowcase is very stylish. It contains many of the embellishments and aspects that fashionable pillowcases available in shops do, as discussed in the investigation. Some included in my pillow case are contrast between light and rich, geometric, simplicity and brightness and color.
Not only is my pillowcase stylish but it is also functional. The ribbon is soft so will be nice against the face, the fabric is easily washed and the fabric is of high absorbency meaning it will be cool. The size is a standard pillowcase perfect for sleeping on.
This pillow case because of the fabric used is cool for summer. Although it features furry ribbon which could be hot on the face this ribbon is used sparingly and it small in width.
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