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BY Ricki Esses, Andrea Nejad Erik Stojanoff, Sean Persino, and Joseph Cohen

Ricki Esses

on 24 March 2011

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Transcript of Environment

Cities Between Chicago and St. Louis Cicero Stickney Lyons McCook Countryside Willow Brook Burr Ridge Darien Lemont Bolingbrook Romeoville Plainview Crystal Lawns Beaver Creek Shorewood Minooka Channahon Lorenzo Diamond Garder Dwight Odell Towanda Normal Mclean Atlanta Lawndale Lincoln Fogarty Broadwell Elkhart Williams View Sherman Twin Lakes Grandview Southern View Country place Lake point Wilmington Godly Braidwood Braceville Rowe Pontiac McDowell Cheona Lexington Chatham Glenarm Divermon Farmersville Waggoner Litchfield Lake Ka-ho Mt.Olive White City Williamsom Livingston Worden Hamel Edwardsville Troy Maryville Collinsville Washington Park East  Diesel train
o 1 gallon diesel fuel = 22.384 lbs of CO2
o .14 lbs per passenger mile
 French TGV train
o .15 lbs CO2 per passenger mile
o 485 seats per train
o 186 mph
o electric bullet train  German ICE train
o .11 lbs CO2 per passenger mile
o electric bullet train
o 81 mph
 Danish IC-3
o diesel bullet train
o .26 lbs CO2 per passenger mile
o 138 seats per train
o 99 mph CFC's Average Precipitation
and Temperature of Illinois
Season Temperature (F) Precipitation (in)
Winter 28.1 6.68
Spring 51.6 11.36
Summer 73.4 11.75
Fall 53.8 9.45
Annual 51.7 39.23  Shinkansen Japanese train
o .22 CO2 lbs per passenger mile o 186 mph
o electric bullet train o 231lbs per train mile.
o 1300 seats per train

 Maglev
o Electric
o 300 mph+
o .49 lbs CO2 per passenger mile
o 156 seats per train
IDOT IMSA Thank You! From Niles West High School Chicago Bloomington Shirley Springfield St.Loius
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