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Volume of Rectangular Prisms

No description

Kris Bernal

on 27 April 2014

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Transcript of Volume of Rectangular Prisms

What is a Rectangular Prism?
Rectangular Prisms
Definition: A rectangular prism is a geometric solid enclosed by six flat surfaces formed by rectangles.
Volume of a Prism
Volume is a measure of how much space a solid takes up.
Volume is measured in cubic units. For example, cubic feet or cubic yards.
The volume of a container is a measure of how much the container will hold.
Volume of a rectangular prism is found by:
Volume = B x h
B is the area of the base (length multiplied by the width of the base)
h is the height of the prism
We will use the formula V= L x W x H this is Volume = Length x Width x Height
Reasons for knowing and understanding how to find Volume of a rectangular prism
How much water can my fish tank hold?
How much can I fit into a moving box, tuck bed, or storage unit?
How much mulch, concrete, or rock do I need for my outdoor project?
Understanding volume of a container can help you determine whether to measure capacities in milliliters, liters, or kiloliters.

Please find the Volume of each Rectangular Prism. Please remember that each answer will be expressed as cubic centimeters or cm cubed.
Volume of Rectangular Prisms
by Kris Bernal
What does a prism look like?
What is volume?
Why do I need to know this?
Common Questions
Examples of Rectangular Prisms.
Facts about volume
How do I find volume of a rectangular prism?
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