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Into the wild Symbols

No description

Jordan Smith

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of Into the wild Symbols

The moose
Yellow Datsun
The magic bus
Desserts: Meaning to challenge himself. He fears deserts as if they have been put there to test him.

Money is a symbol of greed in this book. It is viewed as an enemy. Chris decides to take action and burn all of his money, plus leaving his car behind.
After he kills the moose, he is unable to save the meat for the time that could have saved him from starving to death. He fails to live up with the wild and it's hardship to human needs.
Rivers are like the deserts. They are a test of survival for Chris. Though, unlike the deserts, the river is what killed him.
The yellow datsun is emblematic in Chris's disinterest in material items. Most Americans value their cars, Chris did not.
Magic bus: He sees this bus as a good fortune. This bus keeps him alive during his time in Alaska till he becomes trapped when spring comes around.
Jordan Smith
Into the wild Symbols
The Blue Sleeping Bag
Giannini Guitar
This guitar was used to calm/soothe the infant. This was a symbol of intimacy as he watches the child slowly fall asleep or become stunned by the smooth sound of it's playing.
Mountains are obstacles to conquer, another way of testing Chris. reaching the highest point is meaning he has reached the highest goal in life.
The sleeping bag is what Chris died in. It symbols a dire need to escape due to the greed of people and the authority he dealt with.
The wild
The whole story is based around this one symbol, it's the most important out of all. It's an escape out of the harshness of reality and society.
He took this trip to feel free from reality and find new adventures. Chris was so happy in the wild... Yet it's the one thing that killed him.
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