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on 21 September 2013

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Transcript of MAGNETIC FIELD

A field of force surrounding a permanent magnet or a moving charged particle, in which another permanent magnet or moving charge experiences a force

A magnetic field is the area of influence exerted by a magnetic force. This field is normally focused along two poles. These poles are usually designated as north and south. However these directions are not the only two that a magnetic field can have. Most magnetic objects are composed of many small fields called domains. Here are some basic concepts of a magnetic field.
Applications of magnetic fields in telecommunication

Cell phone speakers and microphones
Cell phone on-off switches
Electromagnetic transducers
Microwave collimators
Power supply inductors & transformers
Signal filters
Signal transformers
Electric applications of magnetic field

Power transformers
Electric motors
Pros of magnetic field

Help to the communication.
Data transmision over long distances.
Cons of magnetic field

Environment contamination
Affects human health
Issue of magnetic field in Ecuador

Jappanese and Ecuadorian experts want to install a high sensibility device to measure the magnetic field of the Earth. This project is called Magdas and it will be placed 40 kilometers of Quito's north.
The cost of this devide is 40 thousand dollars and it weighs 25 kilograms. It installation takes about 5 days
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