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No description

on 7 June 2015

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- Based on the novel "Buenos Días Princesa (by Blue Jeans)

- Valeria has just been installed in Madrid after the separation of their parents.
What at first seemed a bad start to the new life of Valeria in Madrid, it ends up becoming the beginning of an amazing experience.
New friendships , the great city , first love...
Just born Club of the misunderstood.
Ester has taken refuge in Bruno to overcome his failed relationship with Rodrigo.
The club is almost dissolved.
Valeria and Raul have been four months dating already. Their courtship is great ... although there are some secrets that one of the two guards not to hurt the other.
Furthermore, Valeria meets Marcos, a photographer and broadcaster who believes in destiny and in the Karma.
We still know the protagonists of Good morning, princess!, although there are others that will have play in the second half.
We will meet Marcos, Alba and Paloma, three characters each very different from each other, although well defined and very specific role in this story.
Esther is a character that has struggled to make certain decisions.
Bruno is the most self-conscious.
Valeria is still always smiling.
Don´t smile, that I fall in love ("No sonrias que me enamoro")
Can I dream about you? ("¿Puedo soñar contigo?")
The bad moments are gone.
Valeria , Raul, Mary, Bruno and Esther are again very close, thanks mainly to the efforts of Alba.
But the return of someone very special to all of them will put their friendship in danger.

" Can I dream about you ? " Is the third and final installment of the trilogy of the Club of the Misunderstood.
She is a shy and a pretty girl. She was Eli´s best friend and she falls in love with Raul. She was very happy when she started to date with him and she didn´t want to disappoint him. She thought that no boy would ever notice her because she watched herself like a normal person. Charlotte Vega represtents this role in the film that has been done.
He is a funny and atractive boy who had got lots of girlfriends until he met Valeria and they started to date. He was the leader of the group and he´s a little bit vain. When his father died (before meeting Valeria) he became depressed but he recovered slowly. He want to be a famous director and his favourite film is "Life is beautiful". Alex Maruny represents this role.
She´s always been the perfect girl. She loves all th sports, especially voleyball and she´s scared of disappoint her parents. She loves Rodrigo, his Volleyball coach. She is a really good friend and she is always helping everybody. She is a very close friend of Bruno but when she discovered that he loves her, everything became very uncomfortable for both of theme. This character´s been represented by Andrea Trepat.
She is very confident, rebellious and beautiful and she´s in love with Raul but Raul doesn´t love her. She never takes a "no" for an answer and she does everything to go out with him. She has been dating lots of boys and her best friends were Valeria and Alicia (she is not part of their group). This role is represent by Michelle Calvo
He is a timid, quiet, sincere, insecure and a little bit strange boy. He loves Ester but Ester doesn´t love him. He likes playing computer games. He sent some cards to Ester to see if he has any opportunity with her but Ester doesn´t seem to want anything with Bruno. Bruno´s character is representate by Jorge Clemente.
She is very insecure, quiet, timid, understanding, serious and a very good friend. She loves Ester but she keeps that like a secret so Ester thinks that she loves Bruno. She doesn´t like parties but if her friends ask her to go she always go. Her family has got some problems. Meri´s character is represented by Ivana Baquero.
He isn´t part of Valeria´s group. He´s funny, mysterious and sarcastic. He met Valeria while he was singing in the metro and he told her that he was at the university. He falls in love with Valeria. They met quite often by surprise so at the beginning Valeria thought that he was following her but then they become friends. The actor who represents this character is Patrick Criado.
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