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Apollo & Daphne

No description

Ishita Kamboj

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of Apollo & Daphne

The Story of Apollo & Daphne There are no known Roman names for Apollo and Daphne. Apollo & Daphne Symbols of Apollo Powers Silver Bow & Arrow Crown of Laurel Leaves The Lyre Golden Chariot Animal Symbols Wolves, deers, and swans were all symbols of music, and were often sacrificed in Apollo's honor. Hawks, crows, ravens, and snakes were also sacrificed. These animals were symbolic of his connection with prophecy. Daphne does not have any animal symbols. Place of Honor on Earth Delphi Known as the main center of worship for Apollo.
He acted as the guardian of the oracle of Delphi, Pythia.
He gave guidance to people through Pythia. how are you Apollo is the god of light, music, medicine, prophecy, and poetry. Daphne is a Naiad nymph. Nymph: a mythological spirit of nature imagined as a beautiful maiden inhabiting rivers, woods, mountains, etc. He:
Hasn't aged
Cannot suffer from disease
Can rapidly heal injuries
Is able to radiate great heat and light
Can mentally foresee events & predict outcomes
Can shape change into other forms
Can cast certain spells and curses A Naiad nymph inhabits freshwaters. Daphne-nymph of the river Peneios. Nymphs don't have any significant powers, waters are considered powerful. Apollo was the favorite son of Zeus, his mother was Leto. Birth Story Zeus's wife was furious
Leto found an island, gave birth to Artenis, Apollo's twin sister.
Apollo born with the help of Artemis, becoming the goddess of childbirth. Daphne was born to river-god Peneus and the Titaness Gaea (mother Earth in Ancient Greece). Marriage Daphne never married, hating the idea, thinking it's a crime. Apollo also never married, but seduced many young goddesses and gods. Children Daphne was never married, stayed a virgin her whole life. Although never married, did have three sons and one daughter from all of the different women he courted. He had a son named Aristaiois, one named Teneros, and one named Philamon. His daughter's name was Parthenos. Description of Personality The Iliad Apollo was known for his generosity, but also for his jealousy. Apollo:
First god to make appearance
Healer under the gods.
Bringer of disease and death with arrows.
Killed Greeks by showering with arrows for 9 days. He was handsome, extremely talented, charming, and honest. Due to this, he was also Zeus's favorite son. Daphne was very independent and strong-willed. After being hit by Eros's arrow of lead, she began to abhor all males. Sources 1.http://ancienthistory.about.com/cs/grecoromanmyth1/p/Apollo.htm
2. http://www.helium.com/items/1242552-symbols-of-apollo
3. http://www.men-myths-minds.com/Apollo-greek-god.html
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7. http://ancienthistory.about.com/od/myths/a/102110-Apollo-And-Daphne-By-Thomas-Bulfinch.htm
8. http://www.greecetravel.com/delphi/ The Story Eros, son of Aphrodite Arrow of gold= love
Arrow of lead= hatred Apollo's relentless pursuit of Daphne Daphne is transformed into a tree by her father, the river God. Ishita Kamboj
Katya Vladykina
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