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Valley Glaciers

No description

Ariana Shannon

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Valley Glaciers

Valley Glaciers
Valley Glacier definition
"a glacier originating in a cirque at a valley head or in a plateau ice cap and flowing downward between the walls of a valley."
How valley glaciers form
Valley glaciers form when temperatures are always below freezing they have snow on them all year round. due to this. The top of the mountain is very heavy and starts to slide downward causing very thick ice at the bottom of the mountain. since there is so much ice some starts to melt and mixes with the dirt and ice.
Where they are located and square kilometers they cover
Valley glaciers are found in many different continents states and countries such as Antarctica which has an estimated land coverage of 13,586,000,square kilometers then Greenland with an average coverage of 1,700,000 then Canada with a coverage of 200,000 and the lowest land area that is covered is in Africa with only 12 square kilometers.

Why do scientists study valley glaciers?
Scientists study valley glaciers to learn their affect on the land and how much water they could get from glaciers. They also measure the glaciers every year to see if they've changed in height. They can measure the size of glaciers from space.An interesting fact being that large ships can break through the ice if it's near the continent.
More about how they form
These glacier tops while sliding down the mountain collect a lot of rock and sediment and scrape along the sides or the mountain.These glaciers cause a lot of damage to the land around them making many new landforms.
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