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The life of an Architect

a trip through the world of a architect

gabriel villarreal

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of The life of an Architect

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com Current information College Path The life of an Architect By: Gabriel Villarreal General Information An Architect is a person who designs buildings and often supervises their construction. http://www.carinsurancecomparison.com/architect-car-insurance-rates/ http://diplomaguide.com/eguides/Architecture.html#/page/1 What is an Architect? What do architects do every day? On a daily basis an architect will work on plans for a building project by drawing out a sketch of the plans and then building a model. An architect will also have to give a presentation and a sales pitch for his or her design. Where do Architects work ? Architects usually design in offices. sometimes they visit construction sites to see the progress of their building What is the potential salary ? $78,000 average per year ($37.50 per hour) When I become an architect I would like to work at... http://corporate.disney.go.com/news/parks_resorts/exe_bios/brucevaughn.html Personal Characteristics http://www.arondaparks.com/SpaceMountain.htm I would like to major In Architecture. https://www.utexas.edu/ I would like to attend Interview What is the typical day of an architect? http://spking.com/2011/09/25/disney-imagineerings-4-rules-for-brainstorming/ How many hours do you work in a week? Interview Part 2 Did you take any pre-AP or AP classes when you where in high school? If you did, Did the classes help you get into the college you wanted to attend? What do you find interesting about your job? What is your salary range? What college did you attend? why did you want to attend that college? What was the most challenging course you took in college? why? What parts of your job do you dislike? What course in high school helped prepare you for you current position? Does your position require you to travel? Student
Drafts person
Junior Designer
Middle Years
Junior Designer
Job Captain
Senior Designer
Project Architect
Owner The ranks of an architect Sources http://archcareers.blogspot.com/2011/02/architect-position-titles.html I have always been fascinated by tall buildings and roller coasters. So i think it would be really awesome to design the things that fascinate me. The requirements to get into UT at Austin There are three main steps in becoming an architect. First is the attainment of a professional degree in architecture. Second is work experience through an internship, and third is getting your license through the passing of the Architect Registration Exam. http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_do_you_become_a_licensed_architect http://bealonghorn.utexas.edu/freshmen/scholarships http://www.lifeofanarchitect.com/what-does-an-architect-do/ http://corporate.disney.go.com/news/parks_resorts/exe_bios/brucevaughn.html http://corporate.disney.go.com/news/parks_resorts/exe_bios/brucevaughn.html Architecture and related services Architecture Architectural engineering Majors http://www.archdaily.com/295331/2013-united-states-best-architecture-schools/ Top 12 Architecture, Graduate
•1.Harvard University
•2. Columbia University
•3. Yale University
•4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
•5. Cornell University
•6. Southern California Institute of Architecture
•7. University of Virginia
•8. University of California, Berkeley
•9. Washington University in St. Louis
•10. University of Cincinnati
•11. University of Michigan
•12. University of Texas at Austin

Top 10 Architecture, Undergraduate
•1. Cornell University
•2. Southern California Institute of Architecture
•3. Rice University
•4. Syracuse University
•5. California Polytechnic State University
•6. University of Texas at Austin
•7. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
•8. Rhode Island School of Design
•9. Iowa State University
•10. Auburn University Top Architecture schools Related Majors Landscape Architecture Industrial Design Program Scholarships: scholarships for people in Special programs, such as ROTC or Athletics.

Forty Acres Scholars Program: The Texas Exes recently created a four-year merit scholarship program, the Forty Acres Scholars, to recruit and recognize exceptional students. http://bealonghorn.utexas.edu/freshmen/scholarships Scholarships To get a scholarship you have to turn in a separate application and write an extra essay. Top ten architecture companies in the U.S. 1. William Rawn Associates
2. Skidmore, Owings & Merrill
3. HOK
4. Rafael Viñoly Architects
5. Perkins + Will
6. Gwathmey siegel & Associates Architects
7. BWS Architects
8. DLR Group
9. HDR Architecture
10. BLT Architects CHARACTER TRAITS I like to draw I'm fascinated by buildings and other structures(roller coasters). I like building things I like math and science Thanks for watching ! If you are in the top ten present of your high school class you are automatically accepted. A GPA of a B+ of higher An sat score above 1600 An act composite score of 22 or higher Extra facts about acceptance UT as an acceptance rate under 50%
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