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Egypt Presentation

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Alexander Vitenson

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Egypt Presentation

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli By: Alexander Vitenson Ancient Egyptian Food, Housing, and Clothing Egyptian Food •The Egyptians grew barley and wheat, which meant that they could make bread and other foods that required flour. Egyptian Food Part 2 •Egyptians also fished, but it was mainly poor people who actually ate fish except for salted fish.
•They caught all of their fish from the Nile and ate all of them but one because the fish was believed to be cursed Egyptian Housing •Ancient Egyptian homes were huge, especially the ones owned by people with high class or ranking which could have up to 30 rooms! Egyptian Clothing Part 1 •Since it is so hot in Egypt, people wore light clothing. Egyptian Clothing Part 2 •The Egyptians were well known for using makeup and jewelry.
•There were several reasons they used jewelry: to show their beauty, their wealth, to praise gods, and to protect them from evil.
•Both men and women wore jewelery and makeup, as well as both poor and rich people
•One of the reasons they wore makeup was because it reduced glare from the sun. The other reason they wore makeup was because it was just normal. They all wore it. Ancient Egyptian bread •They also knew how to ferment barley to make beer, as well as get water from the River Nile and milked cows,goats and sheep. Ancient Egyptian beer jars •The Egyptians grew tons of fruits and vegetables also such as grapes, figs, watermelons, peas, beans, lentils, lettuce and much more. Grapes Lettuce Ancient Egyptians catching fish •They also hunted and kept geese, ducks, and other wild birds, and was eaten by both rich people and poor people.
•Some birds, however could not be eaten because they were considered sacred.
•Since they had birds, they also had eggs. Ancient Egyptian Pintail Duck •All Egyptians ate mainly beef, sheep, and goat although they did also hunt for other animals like deer and antelope. •Although they were big, they were not made out of the best building material: sun dried bricks made out of mud and straw. •The houses had rooms that are like the ones that we have today like family rooms, guest rooms, kids rooms, storage rooms, and bathrooms. • Since Egypt was so sandy and dusty, doors on houses were built with doors 4 feet off the ground and had ramps. •Most of their clothes were made out of linen, which is made out of plant fibers from the flax plant that the Egyptians grew. •Men that worked normally wore a loincloth or a kilt with sometimes a shirt. • Women wore dresses. •Most kids didn't wear clothes until they were 6 years old Thank You For Your Time! Welcome to Egypt! Egyptians with Animals
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