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John Adams

No description

Morgan Hicks

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of John Adams

What was his philosophy of government? John had Federalist beliefs and wanted
= rights for the people Believed in the right to a fair trial:
because he used to be a lawyer John Adams thoughts on war affecting France? John Adams quickly realized they would not be able to gain freedom from England by them selves But whom do we call upon to aid us in war Ah yes the French they are always looking for ways to defeat England The reason the French Agreed to help the Americans gain freedom from England was because they were enemies of England and were always looking for ways to defeat England. John Adams new they would see this as the perfect oppurtunity. Eye Eye Eye Why should the enemie of our enemie not be our friend i say we call upon France After the council reached a concensus they sent John Adams and Benjamin Franklin to France to ask for help. John Adams and Benjamin Franklin sailed to France and as suspected they agreed to help the Americans in war . After the war France was poor and this allowed the citizens of France to over throw their king. Break the laws rebel against the King!

Thought Constitution
needed to be diverse Let us be able to choose our leaders. Freedom of Speech! English Parliamentary Traditions
Morgan Wanted a Republic

Free from England Bill of Rights : John Adams document
king forced sign
property/rights protected from king Magna Carta Transcript
written laws
James Madison ,
Thomas Jefferson,
George Mason,
Patrick Henry ,
Edmond Randolph,
Elbridge Gerry
(Founding Fathers) Strongly disliked Monarchy Mikayla Great Awakening John Adams signed
was most active in independence
was a diplomat
president and vice president of the united states Declaration of Independence Thought that
the king of England
only cared about himself
and not about the people government owes money to society didn't believe society owed anything to the gov. Republic john was all for the traditions it was the king he didn't like
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