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War and Patriotism

No description

Sandy Hoang

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of War and Patriotism

“Listen, everybody’s so damn proud of you… Now we didn’t know soon enough to get it together this time, but next time you’re home we want to have a parade in your honor…we want Stovall to honor you in the way you deserve” (Fountain 89).
Video: "What is Patriotism"
Types of Patriotism
Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk
Blind Patriotism
: "Unconditional support for the current policies of one country" (Oh 96)

Symbolic Patriotism

“one’s affective attachment to the nation and its core values through symbols” (Parker 1)

Constructive Patriotism
: “represents a commitment to the ideals of one’s country and a willingness to question current societal actions in a society that appear inconsistent with those ideals” (Oh 96)

: Sports
-Blind patriotism= destructive ignorance.
It hinders constructive patriotism

-Constructive patriotism allows people to think and question our government

-America needs to curb blind patriotism and
allow constructive patriotism to flourish
Tuesday, November 4, 2014
Vol III, No. 23
American Patriotism is Unique
Example of Patriotism
"America is the greatest country in the world, it just is... I just know it is, I've thought that ever since I was born."

- What kind of patriotism do you think this this?
a) Constructive Patriotism
b) Blind Patriotism
c) Symbolic Patriotism

It's okay if you get it wrong, we will focus on this in a bit! We just want to test what you already know.

War and Patriotism
Discussion Questions
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by Richard Morris

by Ben Fountain

by the Southern Avenger
What kind of patriot do you consider our generation? Why?

How patriotic do you think our generation is? Do you feel like our future generations will be more or less patriotic? Why?

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