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Dave Q1 Review

No description

William Waham

on 30 March 2015

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Transcript of Dave Q1 Review

For Q1 Dave Thomas
Q1 2013 Review April 10, 2013 Accounts Financial Results Closed Gross Profit for Q1 2013 Accounts Sur-Seal $60,997 Accounts Cedar Village $30,700 Pension Corporation of AMerica $13,700 Goal $115,000 $166,941 Accounts Home City Ice
Counseling Source
AMP New Mrr $465.00 Prospecting Results 13.5 Avg calls per week Q2 Plan Under 5K 145% Attainment Goal $137,000
MRR $5000 Q1 MRR Shortfall $4535 Q2 Pan Plan to Bridge the Gap Convert Counseling Source Thoma & Sutton and Easyway to Technology OneSource $10000 Q2 Plan Double Calls out of Connectwise & Utilize the Prospector Have at least One FMS per week Issues What Worked FOCUS Complete Office Involvement Questions??? Tnank You!!
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