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killer whale food web

No description

Carl Pablo

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of killer whale food web

Orca food web
Algae is the last or the producer in the food chain.
Zooplanktons are the second to last in the food web.
Planktons eat zooplanktons
Shrimp eat plankton and they also eat the algae.
Smaller Fish
Smaller fish consume the shrimp.
Larger Fish
Larger fish eat smaller fish
Penguins eat fish and shrimp.
Squid eat smaller and larger fish but avoids the penguin.
Seals eat penguins, squid, and large fishes.
Sperm Whales
Sperm whales eats squid, and larger fish. Whales also intimidate the seals.
Killer Whales
Killer whales eat penguins, seals, shrimp, larger fish, and anything other than its cousins, the whales. They are also the main animal in the food web.
What humans have done
Humans have impacted on the food web by the following; they kill the top predator, they remove the predator, humans have also ruined their environment by polluting it with oil and other chemicals. They have also taken away most of the penguins and seals to their own habitat so the animals can be used for the humans entertainment.
Trophic Level Pyramid
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