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Media Tour Proposal

Use this template to create a birds eye view of your desk

Xintian Cai

on 15 August 2013

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Transcript of Media Tour Proposal

(cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr (cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr HK Ocean Park "Fun Learning" Program
Media Tour Proposal You've gone through all 78 slides in your 30 minute presentation. But they don't seem to be grasping the link between info on slide 2 and slide 50. Do they need more coffee? W1. WHAT To organize a media tour to promote Ocean Park’s “Fun Learning” program W2. WHY W3. WHO W4 & W5
WHEN & WHERE Guest List Successful cooperation with PLAN International in the past Budget
Breakdown of 20k Gifts by CAI Xintian(12406821) 1. Who to attend? 2. Who to influence? THE END

Thank You! HK Ocean Park Fun Learning Program OPAHK Our vision:
Ocean Park aspires to be a world leader in providing excellent guest experiences in a theme park environment connecting people with nature. Ocean Park Academy Hong Kong ("OPAHK")
Education programmes for students in Kindergarten, Primary 1-3, Primary 4-6, Secondary 1-3 and Secondary 4-6 respectively
Wide range of subjects such as General Studies, Liberal Studies, Science and Other Learning Experiences programmes.
In-park activities & Outreach seminars in schools. Education: a key dimension of the New Ocean Park experience Introduction of new animal ambassadors and launch of new facilities - visitors enjoy informative displays and narrations
Expanding range of guest programmes - local students benefit from enriched course offerings
Conveying conservation messages - visitors and students are inspired to t help conserve more animal species Objective of the media tour
SWOT anlysis
Program highlights Promote Ocean Park’s “Fun Learning” program
Increase the awareness of this program among education sector and school students via publicity generated. Objective of the media tour: Uniqueness
-Local branding
-Long history

Attractive promotions of seasonal events
-Eg. Halloween Bash

Fulfillment of missions
-Environmental protection Increasing thrill ride breakdowns

Low popularity of mascots
-Less attractive appearance
-Low sales of souvenirs Construction of MTR South Island Line
-Ocean Park Station

New themed areas and facilities
-Polar adventure
-Thrill Mountain Direct competitors
-HK Disneyland
-Chimelong Paradise Program Highlight Innovative approach to teaching
Environmental friendliness: Conservation
Help the unpriviledged children Promote Ocean Park’s “Fun Learning” program
Increase the awareness of this program among education sector and school students via publicity generated. Business
-Increase the number of visitor by 5%

-Coverage up to 20 media 20 Journalists and editors from feature and education media •Current media Landscape
Ad spending
Editorial coverage
Media mix
•Target customers/audience Demographics
-Local & nonlocal students, family/school base and other segments

- Love nature and animals
- Willing to learn and experience 20 Unpreviledge kids (Primary school grade4-6) Date: April 28th, 2013
Time: 10:30 a.m - 16:30 p.m
Venue: Hong Kong Ocean Park
Format: Media tour (Journalists and editors together with unpriviledge children) H1. HOW Theme:
Hand in Hand, Future in Hand Key communication message:
1.Visit Ocean park together with unpriviledged children
(one editor with one kid during the tour)
2.Experience and explore the details of the "Fun Learning" program Timeline/ Working Schedule Confirm the plan(with PLAN International)
Contingency plan 1 Month
Before 1 Week Before 2 Weeks
Before Before Event At
Event Post
Event 1.Underprivileged local students
2.Senior management from Ocean Park & Business partner: PLAN International* Established in 1937, Plan International is one of the world’s leading development organisations, specifically focussed on children. The programmes concentrate on making lasting improvements to quality of life in the areas of health,education, environment and livelihood. Press List Media database
Invitation (design & production , delivery, RSVP) •Manpower & resources •Logistics Transportation:(pickup and delivery at MTR Admiralty Station Exit B)
Vans for both editors and children MC/Trip guide/PR agency/
Volunteers (from PLAN)/
Security Event Rundown Annual Pass (SmartFun Gold Pass & SmartFun Student Pass)
T-shirts designed for the event Editors Children Confirm F&B
Confirm MC Script
Stuff training
Car booking
Prepare press kit Execution
Situation control
Security monitoring
Media & guests invitation
Prepare gifts
Buy insurance Remind media and guests
Confirm attendance list
Check weather
Thank-you letter
Post-event media monitoring
(clipping house)
10:30 a.m Pick-up at MTR Admiralty Station Exit B 11:00 a.m Speech by the Head of HK Ocean Park & PLAN
Introducing "Fun Learning" program
Delivering gifts & press knit (cooperated with PLAN Internatioonal) 11:30 a.m-16:30p.m Visiting Ocean Park
(Media together with unpriviledged children) (12:30 p.m ) Having lunch *Crab program for children http://opahk.oceanpark.com.hk/en/programme/crab.html
Ocean Park Academy Open Day for media http://opahk.oceanpark.com.hk/en/programme/pre-tour-site-visit.html 16:30p.m Delivery at MTR Admiralty Station Exit B F&B
Gift (Tshirt)
Minivan Rental 100
1,500 Description Cost Number Total Cost 40
5 4,000
Given Budget
Reserve 15,500
4,500 Press List: Newspaper/Magazine/TV/Online/etc.
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