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Being A Positive Talker

No description

Kadija Conteh

on 27 February 2015

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Transcript of Being A Positive Talker

Being A Positive Talker
Point 1
Your thoughts manifest
Point 2:
Point 3:
Being A Positive Talker Can Change Your Life.
You should care because what you say can manifests.
Anything you think about will occur in your life
Do not walk around with a bad attitude or mind because that's what will come back to you.
You are what you attract
You Attract What You Think
You speak things into existance
Law of Attraction
Universe listens to your command
Point 1

Speaking into your life can help you to be able to enjoy life.
Point 2
Do not wake up having a mindset that you will have a bad day.
Point 3
Starting your day off with a positive attitude can change your day for the better.
Did You know.....
Law Of Attraction?
"The law of attraction is the attractive, magnetic power that draws similar energies together" .
positive talking can lead to stress free living.
Positive talking has a great affect on your health.
In Conclusion
I wanted to inform people to watch what they say and to also begin speak positively on a daily basis.
The End
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"thoughts become things"
(The Secret)
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