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Henry Hudson


Ruchel phua

on 11 March 2011

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Transcript of Henry Hudson

HENRY HUDSON Henry Hudson was a famous explorer and sea navigator from England. He was born in 1560 and was predicted to be dead on 1611 when he was thrown out of his own ship and left to die on a deserted island. Nothing was known about his life before 1607. INTRO What was his goal at first? HUDSON SAYS GOOD BYE TO ENGLAND ANOTHER TRIP In the same year, he set sail from Amsterdam went north trying to find a way through the Arctic to the Far East. Something happend to the crew that they threatend him to mutiny. Hudson had no choice but to turn the ship around and head south down. He ended up at the east coast of Canada. Hudson wanted to be the first to find the shortest way between the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean. He sailed into New York Bay in September 1609 and explored a river which became known as the Hudson River. He could not find the shortcut to the Pacific so he returned to Holland. When he was at Holland, he was ordered to go back to England. HARD TIMES On May 1, 1607, Hudson and his son sailed from England on his ship, The Hopewell. He and his crew sailed past Greenland towards North Pole. After years of trying, he failed so he came back to England. After that the English company called the Muscovy company, thought he was useless and refused to send him on more adventures. Hudson was working for a English trading company. They were aiming to find a quicker way to get from England to the Far East by the way of the Arctic Ocean to prevent bumping into their enemies. In 1609 he moved to Holland and was hired by a company named Dutch East India Company and sailed on a ship called Half Moon. The END of Henry Hudson! On his last journey in 1610 he headed back to Canada, his sailed on a ship called Discovery. In August Hudson found a body of water, he thought it was a part of the Pacific Ocean but instead it was a bay! The bay was named after him so it was called the Hudson Bay.

In November 1610, his ship was stuck in the ice in the Hudson Bay. His crew wanted to go back to England but Hudson disagreed. It was a very cold winter and his crew were suffering from the icy conditions. The crew made up their minds. They were thinking of mutiny. In June 1611, they put Hudson, his son and seven other crew members on a small boat and left them there. Nobody had ever heard of them again.
Good-bye to Henry Husdon The positive effects on Husdon's exploration is two quite famous rivers were named and had some historical information on those two rivers.
Still, It caused severaly sailors to die in this exploration. POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE EFFECTS Pictures!
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