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Under Armour


Dennon McKay

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of Under Armour

Protect This House. I Will Under Armour Under Armour Thank You Under Armour and History

Positioning, Products and Communicative Strategy Under Armour Presentation Founded in 1996
Headquarters - Baltimore, Maryland U.S
Kevin Plank - Founder/CEO
Issue with Wet T-shirts under football gear
Inspired Kevin to create moisture-wicking synthetic fabric
After graduating University the First Prototype was developed Brief History Under Armour's mission is to make all athletes better through passion, design, and the relentless pursuit of innovation. Every Under Armour product is doing something for you; it's making you better. What is Under Armour Questions? Dennon McKay
Budimir Mandrapa
Kent Kaminski Current Positioning Key Competitors Communication Strategy Social Media Market Share Traded: UA Decision Making Chart Product Matrix Positioning Map Advertising Techniques Advertisement -Video Advertisement - Women Advertisement - Print AD Maslows - Hierarchy of Needs Sensory
Attention Grabbing Cognitive
Fail and Achieve
Solution to become a better Athlete Focus on product benefits

Move into international and emerging markets

Continue to provide value to consumers through innovation and R&D

Integrate marketing plan to ensure all sponsorships contribute to brand Information Processing Model Tri-Component Model Strategic Recommendations Communication Strategy Under Amour has positioned themselves as a Premium, high performance apparel outfitter Brand for people passionate about sports Hi-Tech athletic gear Traditional focus is compression performance attire Target market
Athletes of all ages, specifically males ages 18-35
Middle - Upper Class individuals
Intense disciplined and inspiring athletes
Social trend setters Innovative media mix through product placement, Co-Branding, TV and print Marketing Strategy Men's wear, Women's wear, Youth wear, Footwear and Accessories Strategic sponsorships
Emotional Bonding
Image Advertising SWOT Analysis Strengths
TV campaigns
High quality apparel
Interactive website
Strong brand identity Opportunities
Entering new markets Weaknesses
Small amongst industry giants
Narrow Media Focus
Price of Product
Dependent on U.S sales Threats
Industry Giants
Loss of brand identity in expansion
third party distributors Variety of sports
Products Sponsorships
College NCAA teams
Professional Leagues
EPL Athletes
Ray Lewis, NFL
Rick Nash, NHL
Brandon Jennings, NBA Communication Strategy Emotional Bonding
Creating emotional rapport with the consumers
Concept has three levels
Consider product benefits
Assign a personality to the brand
Develop emotional bonds to brand Image Advertising
Conveys that their product makes an athlete better, faster, stronger and more feared Men
Columbia Sportswear Company Women
Lululemon Under Armour only competes with competition in the Market they Specialize in Overall Athletic
Market Share Nike - 36% Under Armour - 31% Other - Adidas
Lululemon etc. - 33% Revenue: $1.8 Billion
Net Income: $128.39 Million Stock Price: $50.96 Business Segments



Recovery Gear Nike is proven to be Under Armour's main competitor Market Share Market Growth High High Low Low Performance Apparel Footwear Accessories High Quality Low Quality High Price Low Price Adidas Columbia Under Armour Lululemon Nike Nike - Creative Strategies
and Positioning Marketing Strategy
Promotes by sponsorship agreements with celebrity athletes, Professional Sport teams and College teams
Loyalty is a major factor in customer retention Mission Statement:
To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world Positioning
high-end variety of products to various demographics to keep different people on board with their products Slogan: JUST DO IT Celebrity Athletes
Team sponsorships
High intensity "Pump Up" Training
"Protect This House, I Will" Campaign
Women's Campaign
Innovative new advertisements Motives
Emotional Arousal
Cognitive Arousal Short - Term
Celebrity Athletes
High Intensity Long - Term
Slogan: " Protect This House, I Will" Affective
High brand Loyalty
Consistent high quality products Conative
Emotional engagement
Celebrity involvement
Full-fill self esteem Social Media, Key Competitors and Market Share Decision Making and Competitor Analysis Maslows, Ad-Techniques, Advertisements Information Processing, Tri-Component, SWOT Logo: Swoosh Affective Cognitive Conative Increase retail outlet stores from 72 - 120 Expand green-wear category into more yoga-style clothing
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