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prezi @ timisoara

prezi history again

Peter Halacsy

on 9 March 2013

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Transcript of prezi @ timisoara

Meritocracy best get ahead on their own qualification results achievements ability effort friends personal favours family origins > 1000 employees
director Y names X as the new head of department of D
X's spouse used to work with Y
X is untalented, incompetent why is it bad? how can it happen? I. you are not supposed to hire relatives because it's not transparent? II. you are not supposed to hire/promote low performing people? or? no distinction between high performance/low performance department/director is not accountable required or expected to justify actions or decisions hard work & achievements
are worthless accept and learn celebrity 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 What we've learnt One Two Three Four VC Tiers higher expectations club members knowledge meritocracy you respect your seed investors but you don't really need them if investor slows you down -> get rid of bigger companies 10m users 1m users learn & connect more
more room for failures why? how? yes, we did and will do 2nd round learn & connect grow faster! what is Hungarian company?
80% of employees in Hungary
founders are Hungarian citizens
big amount of Hungarian tax you want to build a big company singularity: impact on 1b people how to build scalable company
business model
elastic infrastructure
big company = n X agile startup what is Hungarian product? revenue collected in US
50% users from US
methodology, tools US Imagine company in Eastern Europe 100k users with the knowledge & network we can work in & from Hungary you don't need to be in SF 10th April I move to Hungary? the coolest stuff is in Hungary 12,142,627 2008 July 2008 August closed beta Animobil Decisions have to be made? Science Business the idea came 2007 the big innovation http://www.aether.hu/2007/medialab/ http://intra.prezi.com/~hp/google.swf Somlai-Fischer Szabolcs Halácsy Péter to make a zooming prezi you need zooming editor founding find a CEO better if you find him/her it's a marriage (serial) entrepreneur time to market but we are not ready! we should not ask for money first naive business model be able to reason about every cell big positive number in the right bottom corner Legal: 200k
Admin + office: 110k
Insurance: 13k
Head of Marketing: 170k + 1-3%

Total 500k + 1-3% TED #1 round VC “Hi,

I am a partner at Sunstone Capital in Copenhagen, Denmark, and I have been following your developments over the last couple of months. I was wondering where you are located and if you are fully funded and in that case by who. If you have time for a chat I would be happy to learn some more about your plans.

Christian” 2008.06.15. betatest (45) 2008.12.18, prezi.com - closed beta 2009.04.05, public prezi.com 1st year (USD) SF/NY/LA ethical to make money http://www.smallbusinesscan.com/emerging/money/491-the-process-of-obtaining-venture-capital-financing-.html The Process of Obtaining Venture Capital Financing first seed money offer early 2008, wikipedia, startup conferences 200k/60% telekom 160K USD sport, challenge checks & balances you don't need to always agree social networker we weren't/aren't/won't be twitter "The revenue's coming soon, but I won't tell you how" Toy money Company value = X
You need = Y You need Y'
But you want to sell Z' Company value should Y'/Z'*100 Z=Y/X % you sell Evan Williams 2008 dec 2007 let us use beta tag! product fit
market fit Go to US! Product mg is key only usage matters
be agile/validate fast
you will fail
your assumption are wrong but Steve Jobs designed everything alone No that's still the biggest challenge for everyone Think Week 1 Week 65 Week 129 5 Million 4 Million 3 Million 2 Million 1 Million Prezi Evernote Soundcloud Prezi is growing as fast as other companies we admire! Prezi makes for a dynamic, exciting presentation that leaves PowerPoint looking like something from a bygone era. Marshall Herskovitz Producer of Traffic, Last Samurai, and Blood Diamond ” “ Prezi is helping reinvent the art of presentation. Farewell, one-dimensional thinking. Welcome instead the power of inter-connection, flexibility, and the unexpected 'Aha'! Chris Anderson CEO of ” “ Prezi truly embodies what creativity is about: changing your perspective, connecting and combining ideas, thinking in non-linear ways, and creating in collaboration with others. Leticia Britos Cavagnaro, Ph.D. ” “ Adjunct Faculty, Stanford Technology Ventures Program -
Lecturer, Creativity and Innovation class, Stanford d.school English Dutch Korean Japanese German it works! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TK6gbn9Bx80 Coolest online presentation tool I have ever seen

Incredibly intuitive
New York Times

Insanely great

Love at first use
user praise Al Gore said prezi is impressive 70 brilliant
people today Move around Scale around Option Foundation Progress Future Option Casual relations Casual relations Casual relations Casual relations Main topic details Income Expense if you need to: focus! or during a brainstorming... Books on Prezi! Rotate space slight rotations create some sense of space... why? Lego Stitch it 1; 2; 3; simple. Presentation? please observe.... zzzz.... Monologue Frustralogue ... Left! Down! Press
shift-Q Prezi :) you write i think you think i say we see you say nirvana many people - same prezi space a year ago it was 2M + 50 companies secondary market San Francisco Budapest & So What do all these people do? Bring Ideas Prototype User test A/B test Release (daily) We learn from reality idea sharing must be more fun Future cloud based, everywhere available html5 demo Peter Halacsy electric engineer web developer vba/MS access 2001, gross 2500 EUR university researcher social aspect of new media 2002-2007 build product people use disruptive hacking open source sw
databases for free anything goes downloaded warez books/subtitles built free web dictionary hacking the IP system by shuffling sentences $14,000,000 ?
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