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About DFX Engineering

Company Overview

Itzik Bitton

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of About DFX Engineering

Design For DFX Engineering Located at Kfar Saba, Israel Formed in 2005 http://www.dfx-eng.co.il Address: 20 Hataas st. P.O.B 80 Kfar Saba, Israel 44425
Phone: +972-9-7677288 Fax: +972-9-7677280
Email: itzikb@dfx-eng.co.il About Us
Represent Companies
Develop Turn Key Test Solution
Design New Test Products Boundary Scan Solutions Companies Universal Programmers Performance Test Solutions Board Testers IT Measuring Equipment Mass Interconnect Main Activities: Functional Testers Turn Key Solutions Customers: Design & Build Of Functional Test Systems Boundary Scan Board Tests VideoCodes Scopus Design & manufacture Back Plan Tester Design & manufacture Generic Tester Design For Test We bring a fresh
and innovative approach
to sales and consulting services DFX Engineering Software Platforms Microsoft & Linux Based Testers Lewis and Clark matches buyers and sellers
of used electronics manufacturing (PCBA) equipment. Second Hand Equipment Functional Testers PXI Based Burn In Functional
Tester Manufacturing Assembly Test Advanced solutions for the test and measurement industry Test costs are significantly reduced over a product’s life-cycle solution source for companies looking to achieve reliable, cost effective, electrical connections in a test or measurement environment

Mass Interconnect products
Custom Wiring Services
Sheet Metal Fabrication
Custom Design Assistance Innovative test, production and quality control solutions for the electronic industry

first-class Electronic-Board Test Systems and Electronic Manufacturing Software ScanWorks® platform for embedded instruments
Validate, Test & Debug chips, circuit boards and entire system More than 83,000+ chips in various packages from over 297 manufacturers are supported at constant reliability and the fastest speed Development, production, and integration of customer-specific test systems for electronic production

Electronic in-circuit test
Electronic functional test
Vision Systems
Semiconductor test
RF test
Custom test software TEM cells
Shield Boxes
Measuring Equipment:
cell phones
Bluetooth Testing Enviroment Example
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