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Class 006

Class 006

Ankit Gulati

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of Class 006

A spaced out weirdo, growing out of the musical counterculture of Bangalore. Bumbled my way through Mechanical Engineering and joined the melting pot that is Amazon. Met a lot of “100% peculiar” people here and hope to meet more. (Anyone wants to jam, contact me)
Hey! I’m Adhitya K N from Milky way... Nice to meet you all pals! Hoping to have a smooth SAIL in AMAZON :P
A big hello to everyone at Amazon. Howz it going?:-)
A bit about myself, I was born and brought up at Namma Bengaluru. Finished my degree this year 2014. An engineer like the ones in every household these days. I’m very happy to start my career at Amazon and looking forward to wherever it takes me. See you all around folks. Take care.

I am from one of the peaceful part of India.

I am that I am.

I am straight forward and smart . I am proud to be a part of the Amazon family and hopefully would be trainer one day here.

I’m Rahul, I was born and brought up in Bangalore, I like astronomy and I also read occasionally.
I am Gayathry, a chemical engineering graduate from Chennai, born in God’s Own Country. Worked with Groupon, Chennai for 8 months before joining Amazon. Moving to Bangalore and getting a job in Amazon is something I call a jackpot! Enjoying every moment in the city and in Amazon which I believe, has so much to offer.
Class 006
I am Lawrence A J from Bangalore.

Hi Snehal here. I am from Delhi, have been in Bangalore for 8 years now. I love reading, watching movies and Travelling
I am Manasa, an Electronics and communication engineer, born and brought up in Bangalore. Worked as a semiconductor engineer before and then moved on to setting up stalls to sell my own hand made jewelry.
I joined Amazon to explore and experience the kind of culture that is so much spoken about. I am already in love with the environment and plan to work here as long as I can.

Hi guys! I’m Deepa Kaushik.
I Just hate to introduce myself this way :@ , but my trainer has given me no better option :P
Well, I am a people friendly person. I love doing Everything the SMART way instead of the HARD way:)

I am Isheeta Naqvi from Calicut, Kerala. I love to read books and watch TV shows.
I ‘m Deeba from Kolkata
This job and profile is a special one for me, this being my first interview and first job.
Basically I am a comp science grad with nil knowledge of computer :-p
I love to talk and apparently people think that I don’t breathe when I talk.
Love shopping, thought Amazon provides gift coupons to their employees with salary ;-(

Hi guys you can all call me smruthu.
I am a mechy and im a Banglorean.
Like all Bangloreans im fun loving and like to drink a lot.
Im a foodie and an automobile fanatic as well.
Hope to have a good time on Amazon.

My name is Preetish.
I am a B.E graduate, trying to build a career here in BPO sector.
People think I am a silent and innocent guy. So I am definitely not the one your mother warned you about. So chill..!!! 

I am Navin from Bangalore, who was an aspired engineer.. until I finished my engineering. It is my first time working for an MNC and one of the best work places I have experienced. My hobbies includes graphic designing and a bit of time pass beat boxing because I was lazy to learn an instrument. Proud anime fan (Japanese rule \m/).

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