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Copy of Kagan Cooperative Learning Presentation


Jamie Pernick

on 8 July 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Kagan Cooperative Learning Presentation

Kagan Cooperative Learning
Can Help
Ever feel like this?
Kagan Presentation
Jamie Pernick
Traditional Teacher
Kagan Teacher
Static Learner
Active Teacher
Interactive Learner
Dynamic Teacher
Positive Interdependence
Indivdiual Accountability
Equal Participation
Simultaneous Interaction
"GAMBIT" your responses
Grrreat, Grrreat, Grrreat!
Woot, Woot!
Round Robin
Quiz Quiz Trade
Thank you for your time!
Through team-building, students come to know, like and respect their teammates.
Team-building has five goals:
1. Getting Acquainted

2. Team Identity

3. Mutual Support

4. Valuing Differences

5. Developing Synergy
Clearly......Dwight is NOT a team-builder!

About Me
Question Cards
Provides mutual support among all students
in a class and creates a safe and fun environment
Class-building has the same five goals
as Team-building.
People Hunt Activity
Other Great Team-builder and Class-builders

Silly Sports and Goofy Games
Structures provide students learning experiences. They maximize student interaction and engagement with the academic content.
1. Teacher poses a problem/question to which there are multiple responses
2. Students take turns (clockwise) sharing responses or solutions
**Great for introducing new content
**Provide 30 seconds think time/1-2 minutes to share
**Set a timer
1. Students write three statements and read them to teammates.
2. Teammates try to "find" which of the three statements is the
3. Once teammates have their guess, they round robin defending
their guesses.
1. Stand up, put a hand up, pair up.
2. Partner A quizzes Partner B.
3. Partner B answers.
4. Partner A praises.
5. Partners switch roles.
6. Partners trade cards.
7. Repeat steps 1-6.
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