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Girls Studies

No description

Shaun Weadick

on 25 January 2018

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Transcript of Girls Studies

Girls Studies
What is Girls Studies?
Why Study Girls?
Are boys getting 'left behind'?
Lipkin (2009)
matters. Girls and boys are treated differently and act differently (in schools, homes, playgrounds). Studying the behaviour of girls helps us understand the specific experiences of girls.
From a feminist perspective, we can also study the harmful effects of normativity on boys/men (more to come on this)
eating disorders
negative body image
female friendships
communication skills
"a gender script is already being imposed, often unconsciously, by adults who replicate standards and assumptions that seem too common to question" (p. 7).
gender essentialism
: assuming that certain qualities are natural in men and women (and that these genders are necessarily tied to biological sex)
Mixed Messages (conflicting messages)
Body Image:
sexy and beautiful vs slut
intelligent vs pushy or bitchy
beautiful for who you are vs racists and heterosexist beauty norms
you can be anything vs wage inequality and under representation
gender script
is often imposed because of unconscious......
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