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MySuccess: Class Presentations: Creating Visually Engaging Presentaion

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Marissa Jimenez

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of MySuccess: Class Presentations: Creating Visually Engaging Presentaion

Class Presentations: Creating Visually Engaging Presentations
The Importance of the "Visual"
Effective visuals can help speakers organize material and help listeners understand what they're hearing.
Absorb 35% more information
Can recall 55% more information over time
How do I make sure my visuals are 'effective'?
Visual Design - Organizing something's appearance
web pages
charts, graphs, maps
signs, flyers, brochures

C.R.A.P Principles - Design strategies
Repetition is building textual and graphical consistency.

Connects related or equivalent content
Provides consistency
Creates unity
Font styles
Decorative elements
Placement of details (page numbers, captions, etc.)
Alignment is creating a strong edge among related objects; helps readers understand the connections among objects.

Creates a visual flow
Connects elements
Imposes order and control

Proximity is placing related items together - text and images; separating unrelated items.

Connects elements
Creates visual order and logic
Good Visual Design
Contrast is the difference among design aspects.

Distinguishes different content
Brings out dominant elements and establishes focal points
Creates interest and energy
Font styles
NOT just about making things look pretty

Will make information easier to read and absorb
Like "ODU Learns"
Student Success Center
Learning Commons @ Perry Library
University Libraries
Writing Center
Math & Science Resource Center
Peer Educator Program
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