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No description

Christiane Estrela

on 30 January 2015

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Transcript of Welcome!

1ºDay at PBF
Let's start our fantastic trip ...

Break the ice with a fast dynamic, introduce yourself, and encourage students to do the same ..so they will be more relaxed and receptive.
Now it's time to present the didactic material and explain the dynamics chosen to work with the group.. After all, when we map the paths we're able to better scheduled our arrival at the final destination, right?! Yeaaaaahhh!!

Homework done, success knocking at the door!
For an outstanding performance..we will guide you to early steps:
Do not let your students forget to write down the homework, emphasize the importance of the activities done as part of the final grade.
Present the
Cyber PBF
space as a fun tool in language study.
Explain that it is also a step to achieve excellent performance in the final grade and that they are expected to become familiar with this type of activity, after all, in the review moment there will be competitions also using this tool.
It's time to show their best and also earn PBF money.
How do I get there?
So simple..Let's take a walk, shall we?
To be champions we need first of all Focus!
Increased attention on the following requisites:

Pronunciation - Children are catalysts, everything you do in class probably they will reproduce at home, and parents are fully aware....
Download the audio of its series to be worked on at home and save on your flash drive, in order to not be surprised once in the classroom.
Demystifying the time of listening exercises - It's extremely important gradually preparing the student for that moment to come as part of their evaluation.
Professor as a motivational agent
Correction of the homework assignments:
Assertive correction - Activity Book
Signal when an activity is incomplete, this is documentary evidence in case of "performance reporting" for students with problematic history, or that might have difficulties in the near future.
The time to
update the Activity Book
as part of review session, before using
and the Challenge moment.
These pre-test moments are flagged on the back of your attendance list.
Activities in commemorative dates:
These moments are also flagged on the back of your attendance list:
We are Almost there!!
day has come: My first
will be done.

General Procedures:

Check-in your folder If the number of tests matches the number of students and their report cards as well
Each topic must be carefully explained
The Written Test must come before the Listening part in order to save time to a probable "late student"
Make sure the students check their tests with extra attention before handing them.
The 2nd Chance moment will be introduced right after the second test.

The Prize has finally come!!
Some changes were exactly designed to provide a better performance of our students in this route.... as well as a prevention act aiming an huge impact on the decrease of students in "recovering moment" and also happier and satisfied Teachers.

For that there will be a reward system contemplating challenging teachers with the highest number of students with excellent performance.
AWESOME, huh?!
Série Junior 2015

The Best Journey of all is just around the corner ..
All that the mind can conceive, man is able to accomplish.
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