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Shift by Jennifer Bradbury

No description

Brandon Beeck

on 29 October 2014

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Transcript of Shift by Jennifer Bradbury



Win's Trait: Missing Win is missing from the bike trip Chris and Win went on. Sentence.Do you know where Win is Chris?
Every even chapter Chris has a flash went Win and Chris went on bike trip to the east coast.I find it interesting that Chris's flashback are so detailed.

Chris's Trait: Doubtful Chris was starting to doubt finding Win. Sentence Even I was starting to doubt that we with find Win.
Win's dad
Trait Mean, because he black mails Chris and does believe in his son.
Win's mom
Trait: Needy, she always want everyone to feel bad for her.
Chris's dad
Trait: Nice , He always help Chris with his problems.
Chris's mom
Trait: Sad she sad Chris is always gone.
Trait: Nice, She nice to Chris and help Chris even when it bad for her.
Detective Ward
Trait: Smart He know what Chris is doing before Chris knows.
The first setting is at Georgia tech where Chris goes for college and where he's getting investigated.
Setting two
The other setting is the flash to when Chris and Win went on the cross country bike trip.
The conflict is the they can not find Win and Chris is getting in trouble for it from Coggans and Ward.
: Protagonist is Chris
:Antagonists and are Mr.Coggins , Detective Ward and Win.
Setting: Georgia tech and cross country too Seattle from West Virginia.
Situation: They can't find Win from the cross country trip and Mr.Coggan is going crazy to find him.
Character:Win's parents Chris parent , Morgan , Danielle , Chris , Win , Vanti , Detective Ward and Effie.
Rising action
Rising action
3 Favorite things that happen in the book

Win's Trait: Funny is always jokes around for example when he made fun of the guys pink flashlight.Sentence My little cousin has the same flash.
Win's Trait: Nice Win gave Chris more money than he owed to Chris. Sentence, Win gave me more money than he owed me.
Chris's Trait:
My favorite part is when Chris and Win go to the camp sign and they meet the weird guy that always sense the lady would like that and Win makes fun of the guy pink flashlight then takes it.Pages 68-70.

My second favorite is when Danielle pored coffee of the spy to let Chris go away to find Win. Pages 199-200.
My third favorite is when Chris see Win for the first time since the trip. Page 213.
Chapter 19
Chris is riding a bus to Montana to find Win with Morgan and Effie he know this from the post cards that Win send as ''Tricky'' to keep the FBI not knowing where he is.
Chapter 20
Chris and Win got in a fight for the shower first but it was more than that to Win it was fighting his and to Chris it was to show that he was strong.
Climax Chris present day
The climax for present day chapter for Chris is when he went to find Win in Montana on a bus.
Climax Chris flashback
The climax for the flash is when Chris and Win went different ways on the bike trip.
Falling action
Chris and Win meet in a barn Montana for the first time since the cross country bike.
And they now know what they need to do and let win stay.


Chapter 7:Win's dad threatens Chris for the first.
Chapter 9: Detective Ward tells Chris that Win was traveling.
Chapter 11: He gets a letter for ''Tricky'' which he think is Win.
Chapter 13: Coggan's shows up at the school and talk to Chris.

Chapter 18: Win said I'm not going.
Chapter 19 to 20: Chris head to Montana to find Win.
Chris became a single person instead of just Win's friend. And he became stronger phycially and mentally because of this the bike trip.
Win was always a trickster tell he started to live with Morgan and Effie at the farm than he he became serious.
Courage theme
Win didn't go to college to stand up to his dad then stayed Morgan and Effie on the farm.

Chris went to Montana to find Win even when he got followed.

Detective Ward had courage to lie to Mr.Coggan .
Chris and Win left the story as still best friend but they can go on at life without one another so Win stay at the the barn and Chris stay at college.
New Book
The book would be a sequel to Win and Chris new live Win as the farm and out of college.
Main conflict would be when Mr.Coggan finds Win.
Book cover
Two friend the same life pretty much than every thing change .
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