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Isaac Edmonds

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of LeaderShip!

Who would you consider to be a good leader?
Do you think leaders are born or...
Theories, Styles, and Approaches
Trait approach
skills approach
contingency theory
transformational leadership
situational approach
It was believed that people such as Abraham Lincoln or Gandhi where born with Traits that make them an outstanding leader.
Based on the personality traits associated with an individuals perception of leadership.
The theory states that distinct types of people are considered to be great leaders.
self monitoring
engagement in impression management
Motivation to attain social power
Motivation to attain self actualization
stronger verbal ability
Perceptional abilities
One problem!
can cause counter productivity
difficulty in communication
The ability to be certain about ones competence and skills
The desire to get the job done and it includes characteristics such as:
People with determination are...

Have the capacity to persevere
in the face of obstacles
This is the quality of honesty and trustworthiness
People with a strong set of principles....
Take responsibility
for their actions
Have the trust
of others
Loyal, dependable,
and not deceptive
In all it makes the leader
believable and worthy of trust
This is a leaders inclination to seek out pleasant social relationships.
These people are:
sensitive to others needs
have a concern for others well being
They have god interpersonal skills and cooperate relationships with followers.
The skills and abilities that a person can be taught and developed over time.
Leadership skills are defined as the ability to use ones knowledge and competence to accomplish a goal or set of objectives.
It is said that effective leadership depends on three basic personal skills and they are:
Skills are what leaders can accomplish and traits are who leaders are.
traits are characteristics
skills are what the leader can do
the knowledge and proficientcy about a spesific type of work or activity.
this includes competence in a spetialized area, anlytical ability and the ability to use appropriate tools and technchniques
The knowledge about and ability to work with people
this is also known as people skills
these abilities help a leader to work well with peers, subordinates, and superiors to accomplish a goal
This means being aware of ones own perspective on issues while being aware of the prospective of others.
leaders with this skill adapt to their own ideas to those of others
they create an atmosphere of trust.
in short this is the ability "Skills" to get along with others while working
the ability to work with ideas and concepts.
leaders with this type of skill are:
comfortable talking about the ideas that shape an organization
good at putting the companies goals into words
good at conceptual skills
work well with hypothetical notions
good at creating vison and strategic planning for an organization
Do you still have the same opinion about leadership?
(if it can be be taught/learned or if its something that you are borne with)
What defines a leader?

Would you consider yourself to be
a Great leader?

Do you believe people learn how to become great leaders?
The "Great Man"
Theory that was studied during the 20th century
trait approach
skills approach
The belief that he/she can make a difference.
Willing to assert themselves
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