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william ziemendorf

on 9 April 2010

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Stress Engineering

Will Ziemendorf Stress or material engineers test the durability
and strength of materials and structures. They work
for or are consultants to the:
auto industry
aerospace industry
construction industry
general manufacturing industry
ex) low weight-high strength materials for airframes Typical day of these engineers is in labs
testing the durability of products and
materials. They also consult design
engineers to help incorporate different
material use to improve their products. This career dates back thousands of years
with the making of copper tools and using
different materials for different weapons. ASM The Materials Informaton Society
They share informaton and ideas about different
material tests and results. http://asmcommunity.asminternational.org/portal/site/www/Home/ Qualifications:
Degree in material science
Degree in mechanical engineering
Background in chemistry
Degree in chemical engineering Colleges:
RIT-offers a masters program for material science, must have a bachelors degree in chem., phys., or mechanical engineering
MIT-undergrad program for matrial science and engineering http://www.rit.edu/programs/program_detail.php?id=451 http://dmse.mit.edu/academics/undergraduate/index.html Finding a job-average pay is $59,838:
Try companes in the auto, aerospace, industrial, metal or electronics industries.
Also there are numerous indepent consulting firms that specialize in material testing. http://www.imrtest.com/ http://www.storksmt.com/ http://mee-inc.com/services-engineering.html
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