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Dallas Cowboys

No description

Tristan Jenkins

on 13 April 2015

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Transcript of Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys
History of the Dallas cowboys
The dallas Cowboys joined the nfl in 1960 and in 1966 they were one of the nfl's best teams, with hall of famer tom landry leading the way. they now have eight super bowl appearances and are known as americas team.
the dallas cowboys have won five superbowls. 1971,1977, 1992, 1993, and 1995
The dallas cowboys are one of the most successful teams in nfl history.
Influential cowboys
The cowboys have fourteen hall of famers including
BOb Lilly, Roger Staubach, Tom Landry, Tex Schramm, Tony Dorsett, Randy white, mel renfro, TRoy Aikman, Rayfield wright, Michael irvin, bob hayes, emmit smith, Deion sanders, and Larry allen. But one of the active cowboys may be the best ever according to tony romo. Romo says that tight end jason witten might be on the top of the list of players ever to wear a cowboys uniform.
Roger staubach is arguably the best dallas cowboy ever.
Dallas cowboys records
Demarco Murray has the most single season rushing yards in cowboys history.
Emmit smith has the most career rushing yards.
Emmit smith has the most rushing attempts in cowboys history.
Jason witten has the most receptions in history.
Dallas cowboys cheerleaders
Established in 1960
the director is kelli Finglass
The dallas cowboys started releasing the annual swimsuit calender in 1990.
Started producing their own televison series in 2006.
Paula van wagoner designed the uniforms.
hall of fame festival logo
dcC logo
notable cowboys
Current Dallas cowboys
The 2014-2015 dallas cowboys had six players invited to the pro bowl. tony romo, demarco murray, tyron smith, dez bryant, zack martin, and travis fredrick. Zack martin is a rookie and the only offensive player that is a rookie who got selected for the pro bowl.
Murray set the single season rushing record for the cowboys with 1,845 yards.

roger staubach also won the heisman in 1963.
they have had five heisman trophy winners to play on their team. including roger staubach, tony dorsett, eddie george, vinny testaverde, and herschel walker.
the 2009 2010 cheerleaders
the origanal cheerleading squad was a male and female group named the cowbells and the Beaux. the group made it's debut on the sidelines during the 1960 season. The members went to a local high school which was not unusual because many high school and college groups didn't get much attention. they have come a long way since then, for example they make multiple trips to iraq to entertain the soldiers stationed there.
tom landry
cowboys helmet
Before the dallas cowboys were created
there was a nfl team named the dallas texans.
after they were cut Clint murchinson pushed to
get a nfl team. he tried to purchase the redskins in
1958 and as the deal was about to be finalized
the redskins owner upset murchinson and he called off the deal last minute.
At&t stadium
Zack martin
The pro bowl is held in hawaii
the dallas cowboys have only had 11 arrests since 2000
Banners in cowboy stadium
Sources cited
Fun Facts
Current Dallas cowboys
Dallas cowboys cheerleaders
History of the dallas cowboys
Best players to play on the cowboys
Dallas Cowboys records
Before the cowboys
dominant team in the nfl
Early Days
Nationally famous
Best ever?
Hall of famers
Offensive records
Defensive records
Mel renfro had the most career interceptions with 53
Justin Houston of the kansas city chiefs had the most sacks in the nfl with 22 sacks with JJ Watt at second with 20.5 sacks.
Pro Bowl
Record Setting Cowboys
in 2001 the Cowboys ranked #1 in the nfl in yards allowed
The 2014 Dallas Cowboys ranked 19th in the NFL in yards allowed
The 2014 Cowboys ranked 5th in the NFL in points scored
Team Traditions
Since 1966 the Dallas Cowboys have always played on Thanksgiving, it started as a publicity stunt to get the Cowboys more nationally famous because it was their first year in the NFL.
The NFL states a rule that one team must always wear a colored uniform, however the Dallas Cowboys wear a white uniform at home because the Cowboys owners want the fans to see a variety of visitors colors.
Dez Bryant
MIchael Irvin And Drew pearson have both said that cowboys wide reciever #88 is the most influential cowboy ever to play the game. The Nfl general manager told Jones that Bryant has the most raw emotion for the game in the NFL today.
tony romo
dez bryant
Dez Bryant went to Oklahoma State University
Demarco Murray
Dallas cowboys cheerleaders in the uniforms
Cheerleaders dance routine
He was born in Galveston, Texas.
He was a first round pick in 2010
Cowboys receiver
Dez Bryant catching the football
Jason witten
nfl Draft Logo
Clint Murchinson
The Dallas cowboys have 510 career wins
They have 26 post season wins
Dallas Cowboys defense
Demarco Murray
Emmit Smith

he ranks 17th in nfl history.
Dez Bryant highlights
Dallas cowboys cheerleader
Demarco Murray's first nfl run
Dallas texans logo
Roger Staubach
Oklahoma state logo
The nfl started keeping track of sacks in the 1960's. Before that the term dump was used.
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