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Visual Journal Binding with the Pamphlet Stitch

No description

Rebecca Williams

on 13 October 2018

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Transcript of Visual Journal Binding with the Pamphlet Stitch

Visual Journal

pamphlet stitching
Create your folios!
Punch your folios:
Prepare your thread:
Stitch folios to cover:
Create a hole punch template with one of the 9"x12" pages by (1) folding it in half hamburger style and then (2) folding the top edge down approximately 1".
Cut a piece of thread that is 3x the length of your book.
Use the following stitch on each folio.
Stack 5 sheets of 9x12 paper and fold in half hamburger style...
crease with a bone folder.

You've made your 1st folio. NOW, make 2 more!
Prepare your cover!
Cut your cereal box to 9"x14":
Create your spine:
Create a 1” space between the left and right edge of the cover.
HINT: this will be .5" from each side of the center crease"
Prepare the spine for the folios:
Use your template to punch 3 holes along each line.
Use the template to mark where you will punch holes through all of your folios!
HINT: this is approximately 1 arm's length!
Prepare the spine for the folios:
Divide the spine with equally marked lines.
HINT: the lines should be at 6.75", 7" and 7.25"
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