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No description

Juanita Gonzalez Valencia

on 13 July 2014

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Transcript of RUN THE RACE CLUB

Brian Muha & Run The Race Club Kids
Sarah Gantz
Rachel Muha
What we want is for the kids to feel this is a home to them.
Why We Do It
The Woman Behind It All
The Volunteers
Rachel was inspired by her son, Brian.
Brian was an 18 year old college student when he moved into an off campus house. After spending the evening with friends, he feel asleep on the couch and at around 4:30 am two 18 year old men from the inner city nearby decided they wanted to see what it was like to kill someone. After choosing a house at random, they entered Brian's home, hurt and killed him and his roommate Aaron.
As Rachel was going to the trials for the two 18 year old men who killed Brian and Aaron she would drive through their neighborhood and see the faces of young children standing at bus stops and think "Terrell and Nathan weren't killers, they became killers."
Every adult in those children's lives was on drugs, doing drugs and had no home life. So she decided to help. Brian wanted to help children and by combining her want to help and his, Run the Race Club was born.
Wednesday, July 16, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Ilo & Her Family
What We Do

Before & After
The Makeovers
Picture this, it's been a month since they moved into their new house and Ilo now feels like it is finally a home. "Before they did it, my house was just a house, it wasn't a home," says Ilo, who's happy her kids can now breath easy.
What we do is not move mountains or make miracles, we simply give back to those who need it more than we do. Essentially, that is all Brian wanted to do and now, along with Rachel and a whole team, we are able to bring happiness to others.
We give children a home and a reason to be off the streets, we provide care and affection as we grow into a bigger and bigger Run the Race family.
"I was a classmate of Brian's at St. Paul and was heartsick when I had heard of his tragic death. I was also so inspired by Rachel's response to this terrible loss, one of faith and strength and perseverance. While my thoughts and prayers had been with them for sometime, it wasn't until I was back teaching at DeSales that I was in a position to really look at how I could get involved and get my students and school community more aware of the wonderful mission Run the Race is committed to. Upon reconnecting with Rachel, I was so excited to get the opportunity to support RTR- inspired by the motherly love she shows for own children and all God's children. There is a hope and light at RTRC; Rachel brings this from her experience that helps others see the potential for love and hope in their own lives." - Sarah Ghantz, Makeover Volunteer
Join us!
Contact Us For More Information
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