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Internet safety and Ethics

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on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Internet safety and Ethics

Internet safety and Ethics
Personal safety
Don't give your name, address, school name, ect. (personal info)
Ignore any emails sent to you you don't like.
Tip: If you receive any emails that you feel will put you or someone in danger tell an adult.

Computer safety
Virus- a program that was written to access your computer without any permission.

Most viruses enter your computer by email or pop-up add. Sometimes it comes from files your friends or family sent.
Do and don't
use virus protection software and update it regularly
Use the original CD when you install software
Open an email that you don't know who sent it to you
Stay safe and legal
Never use a password that doesn't belong to you to go somewhere you are not supposed to
never break the rules about using computer at your school or club
never lie about your age
FACT: liying about your name or age is illegal
Borrowing or stealing
you can always use-
pictures or music that you created
words that you have written
things you gotten permision to use
its always wrong to-
download words, pictures, movies, and songs without paying (when supposed to
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