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No description

Noah Hanson

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Syphilis

Noah Hanson, Jessica Cooper, and Emilie Raberge Syphilis
Treponema Pallidum

Its a bacteria !! :) Pathogen

Stage 1: Chancre, Rashes, and Papules/ Nodules

Stage 2: Paralysis, Numbness, and gradual blindness. Signs and Symptoms -Penicillin G
-Oral Azythromacin Treatment Syphilis can be transmitted: 1)through contact with sores on external genitals, 2)Blood, and 3)from mother to fetus through birth If you have syphilis, where did you get it? -25% of people who get it have secondary syphilis

-15% get gummatous syphilis

-60% of new cases derive from sexual activity between men.

-45,834 new cases appear each year . Statistics -Use a condom (not perfect)
-Abstinence (perfect unless passed through birth)
-Avoid Alcohol or drugs
-Screen mothers during pregnancy Prevention Metropoliton Obstetrics and Gynecology, Apple valley, (952)-392-4818
metro-obgyn.com Places to go for additional help John A Haugan,
hauganobgyn.com Rapid STD Testing
rapidtesting.com http://www.cdc.gov/stdfact-syphilis.htm
"The Tuskegee Syphilis Study" by Fred D. Grey Citations
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