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Unit 8 Lecture 5

No description

Wade Long

on 8 May 2016

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Transcript of Unit 8 Lecture 5

Democratic Convention
April 1860 - Douglas wanted nomination
Last hope for Dems to win
Appealed to North and South
Southern Democrats
Douglas must give up popular sovereignty
Dems must support legality of slavery
Northern Democrats
Refused to sanction slavery
Voted down Southern proposals
Democrats officially split
Northern nominated Douglas
Southern nominated John C. Breckenridge
Slavery destroyed Democratic party
The Election
Republicans nominated Lincoln
Lincoln won North
Douglas won Border States
Breckenridge won South
Lincoln won b/c of more electoral votes in the North
Serious sectional divide on electoral map
December 20, 1860
South Carolina votes
Fear of Lincoln
Fear of being inferior to North
Fear of slave rebellion
Crittenden Compromise
Lincoln's attempt to peacefully preserve Union
February 1, 1861
Six more states seceded
Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas
The War Begins...
Southern states took control of federal forts
SC blockaded Fort Sumter
No food
No supplies
Lincoln ran the blockade
April 12, 1861
SC fired on Fort Sumter
South won first battle
4 more states seceded
Virginia, Arkansas, North Carolina, Tennessee
Sectionalism in 1860
Southerners feared
Northern aggression towards slavery
Harper's Ferry
Too many free states
Congressional votes
No new allies
Northerners published books
The Impending Crisis of the South (1857)
Election of 1860
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