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Splitting Water Into Hydrogen bubbles

No description

Ludvik Nordrum

on 9 February 2011

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Transcript of Splitting Water Into Hydrogen bubbles

SPLITTING WATER INTO HYDROGEN BUBBLES Aim: To split water (H2O) into hydrogen bubbles. Hypothesis: We think it will work because when electricity is generated in water, hydrogen bubbles will form. Results The results showed that it is not easy to collect bubbles from a battery in salt water.
We had collected a lot of hydrogen bubbles, but apparently someone had knocked into the test tube an we lost all of our bubbles. After about 3 days the generation of electricity in the water had stopped, and the water was black! Equipment

9 volt battery, salt,a glass with water,test tube filled with water. Procedure

Fill the glass with water, place 2 teaspoons of salt into the water, place the battery in the water, fill the test tube with water and collect the bubbles BY:Ludvik (Ludde N.), Philip, Per Anders (ADD) and Edward (Eddy) Credits Music: Music Patrol NOW! Whip It
Mr Deppong is the drummer :)
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