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FCPS FACS teachers August meeting presentation

No description

Moses Abraham

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of FCPS FACS teachers August meeting presentation

My Journey as an FCCLA State Officer State Leadership and Recognition Conference At the State Leadership and Recognition Conference this past spring in Virginia Beach, Virginia, I began my journey as a state officer by running for a state office. I took a general knowledge test, presented a speech in front of our entire delegation, and networked with many of the FCCLA chapters in our state. At our state conference, I was elected the 1st Vice President of our Virginia FCCLA Association! The National Leadership Conference was held in Orlando, Florida from July 7-14. I had to prepare to present state meetings along with the other officers in front of our entire Virginia Association. I also served as a voting delegate on behalf of Virginia, and voted on the National Proposed Bylaws Amendments, and National Executive Officer Candidates. The National Leadership Conference After being elected to the state council, I had to learn all that was expected of me as a state officer. This all happened at the June meeting. The entire council rehearsed for all that we needed to have done for the National Leadership Conference, got acquainted with each other and all of the SEC Advisers, and completed team building activities which brought us all closer. State Officer June Training The VATFACS Conference Next stop, VATFACS! Some of the state officer team visited the Virginia Teachers of Family and Consumer Sciences Conference that was held from July 30- August 1, in Charlottesville, Virginia. The state officers in attendance worked at the FCCLA Booth that was set up there, gave speeches about FCCLA to all of those there, and met teachers from their respective regions of the state, and set up visits to chapters local to them. Some of the benefits of affiliating an FCCLA chapter and getting involved in FCCLA include:
Building confidence in students
Developing young leaders for our future
Being able to network with other chapters from the state, and across the country
Making students more aware of the issues of today's day and age
Applying what is learned in classroom teaching, and being able to use this information to better our families and communities
Boosting college and job applications for students Why should you get involved in FCCLA The Benefits are ENDLESS All that FCCLA has done for me has been life-changing. FCCLA has developed my public speaking, organization, and teamwork skills, and in turn my overall confidence and self-esteem. There was a time in my life when I was spiraling out of control. My behavior and attitude were very self-destructive. My parents were at a loss, and helplessly looked on as I continued to exhibit this very harmful behavior. During that time, I drowned myself into Career and Technical Student Organizations,FCCLA in particular, and now I feel like a brand new man. FCCLA helped me to smooth out the transition from adolescence into adulthood, and helped me avoid very serious trouble, or even bodily harm. What FCCLA has done for me After seeing the membership numbers for the last couple of years, it is clear that FCPS FCCLA is growing rapidly. We want to keep this upward trend alive by introducing a new membership incentive for our district. This new promotional campaign is called "A Movie for our Members". Essentially, the chapter that comes up with the greatest increase in the percentage of their membership, will have a movie night hosted by me, the county representative to the state council. More details will be released to all teachers very soon, be looking out for that! What's New in FCPS FCCLA This wonderful journey of being a state officer will end in the exact same place it began, at the 2013 State Leadership and Recognition Conference held in Virginia Beach, Virginia from April 12-14. Once the 2013-2014 State Executive Council is sworn in, and all of my responsibilities as a state officers have officially been relieved of me, I want to be able to look back on my time as a state officer and be able to say that I am proud of everything that I was able to accomplish. I want to to be able to say that I helped increase membership in Fairfax County, and met my goals in district membership. I need your help with this! Please go back to all of your chapters, and work toward increasing membership, so that you can win the "Movie with our Members" district incentive. I KNOW you can do it! The End to my Journey Please email me if you have any questions, comments or concerns on what was said today. Also, if you would like any help on starting up your chapter, or increasing membership, or even would like me to visit your chapter, please email me at the email address below. My adviser, Megan McNaughton is also a wonderful resource, and we are very willing to help out with anything that you'd like that is FCCLA related.

Moses Abraham- mabrahamfccla@gmail.com

Megan McNaughton- mdmcnaughton@fcps.edu Contact Information Thank you for your time!
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