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Persuasive Essay Writing

How to Write a Persuasive Essay

Joy Leaphart

on 18 November 2011

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Transcript of Persuasive Essay Writing

1- Prewrite 2- Outline 3- Draft
(a.k.a. Writing, Writing, Writing) 4- Peer Edit 5- Revise 6- Proofread The Writing Process How To Write A Persuasive Essay The goal of your persuasive essay is to win acceptance of your ideas when others, for whatever reason, don't agree with you. In order to write an effective persuasive paper, you must anticipate and overcome objections that the opposition might raise. Ask yourself questions like the following and free write about them:
What will they say against my idea? How can I defend my idea against their arguments? Are there any of my points that they can easily attack? Can I see any weak links in the opposition's thinking? Making a Pro/Con chart will help you identify areas that you might address in your paper For (Pro)

Students will eat all of their lunches instead of throwing them away.
Students learn better when they aren't hungry.
Students will want to come to school for the good lunches.
Against (Con)

Lunches would cost more money.
If more people bought lunches, more people would need to be hired.
Students only want junk food.
"I think the school should serve better lunches" Outline I. Introduction II. Body paragraphs III. Opposing view IV. Conclusion
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