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Michael Sawyer you pick presentation


michael sawyer

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Michael Sawyer you pick presentation

By Michael sawyer History TRAGEDY!!! History Three days grace originally named groundswell formed in 1992 band members Adam gontier made 3 albums sold atleast 5 million of each Neil sanderson brad walst albums signed with jive records than RCA records album 1 =wave of popular feeling album 1= ONE-X in america barry stock 1."It's All Over"
3."Animal I Have Become"
4."Never Too Late"
5."On My Own"
7."Get Out Alive"
8."Let It Die"
9."Over and Over"
10."Time of Dying"
11."Gone Forever"
12."One-X" album 2= life starts now 1. "Bitter Taste"
2. "Break"
3. "World So Cold"
4. "Lost in You"
5. "The Good Life"
6. "No More"
7. "Last to Know"
8. "Someone Who Cares"
9. "Bully"
10. "Without You"
11. "Goin' Down"
12. "Life Starts Now album 3= transit of Venus 1. "Sign of the Times"
2. "Chalk Outline"
3. "The High Road"
4. "Operate"
5. "Anonymous"
6. "Misery Loves My Company"
7. "Give In to Me" (Michael Jackson cover)
8. "Happiness"
9. "Give Me a Reason"
10. "Time That Remains"
11. "Expectations"
12. "Broken Glass"
13. "Unbreakable Heart" ...not very popular:( Adam Gontier Oxycontin addict for 6 years Barry Stock Neil Sanderson Fight constantly Have placed numerous restraining orders on each other resulting in band difficulty and Brad Walst wants to quit band, to get married And thats my prezi.. hoped you liked it:p BIBLIOGRAPHY!!!!!
pics from my ipod and www.flikr.com/threedaysgrace
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