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Plagiarism - What it is and why you shouldn't do it

To be shown to students prior to beginning a research project

Christine Finn

on 7 February 2012

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Transcript of Plagiarism - What it is and why you shouldn't do it

Why is this bad?
In other words...
What about
2nd Degree
Nothing Gained
Cheat others
When in doubt -
Stealing and lying undermine the
principles of trust and respect that
are the basis for education.
When you plagiarize, you learn nothing,
acquire no new skills and fail to use
the opportunity to practice ethical behavior.
Changing a few words around does
NOT make the idea yours. Quotes, summaries
and paraphrases ALL need to be cited.
But they also expect you to
cite your sources.
1st Degree
Plagiarism Defined
You also cheat your fellow classmates who legitimately earned their
grades by completing the assignment honestly.
The use of another's
original words or ideas
as though they were your own. Any time you borrow from an original source and don't give proper credit.... you have plagiarized.
You stole somebody's words
and then lied about it.
Teachers expect
you use research to support your ideas...
So what happens if you are caught at CCHS submitting plagiarized work
as your own?
A few sentences or poor paraphrases
Teacher calls parent
Attend one English Tutorial
Rewrite paper according to teacher specifications
Grade will be reduced one letter grade
Not rewriting will result in a zero

Significant: a paragraph or more
Teacher calls parent and counselor to schedule parent conference
Teacher reports student to English Supervisor - record of offenses kept - repeat offenses subject to more severe consequences
Attend English Tutorial
Rewrite paper - grade reduced
letter grades
Not rewriting = zero
Be smart
Give credit where credit is due
Knowledge is power... use it ethically
For more info check out
In the world - plagiarism is a
serious offense. You can be expelled
from school, fined, lose your job... the list is long.
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