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How Does The Sense Of Sight Work?

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nicole j

on 10 June 2015

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Transcript of How Does The Sense Of Sight Work?

How Does The Sense Of Sight Work?
Transmitting light signals to the brain
The parts of the eye and their functions...
How Your Eyes Work Together
how do both of your eyes work together to see one image? Both eyes see slightly different views. When you see, you see the common ground between the two. By having two eyes, you also have a larger peripheral vision.
Why does this happen? You see color because of specialized cells, or cones, in the retina. These cells contain chemicals that respond to light that is red, blue and green. When cones are working properly, the colors blend together into a complete band of color. When the cones don't have the necessary light-sensitive chemicals, a person has difficulty seeing certain colors.

Then What Would You See
Their are many different cases of colorblindness. Some patients see different things than others. Here are some of the colors you might see:
neutral colors
all gray scale
The iris is the flat, colored part of the eye. Its color comes from microscopic pigment cells called melanin. The muscles in the iris dilate the pupil, taking in a certain amount of light.
The cornea is a dome- like protection layer for the eye. It regenerates very fast and helps keep harful substances out of the eye.
Nicole Jeska
Ms. Kennedy
Research Project

How does sight work?
What are the parts of the eye?
What are their functions?
What is colorblindness?
What are photons?
How do your eyes work together?
How are sight and the brain connected?
Fun fact:
The iris is named after the greek goddess, Iris. She was the goddess of color and the rainbow. Everyone's iris is a unique color and pattern
The pupil is the black spot of your eye that absorbs light.
The lens is directly behind the pupil. This part of the eye changes shape to focus light.
made of cones and rods arranged in layers
in back of eye
attached to optic nerve
transmits light into chemicals and electric pulses
1. Light passes through the eye
2. The light signals then travel to the retina
3. Traveling through the optic nerve, the light becomes electrical signals
4. The electrical signals then go to the occipital lobe in the brain, where they are perceived as images
Optic Nerve
Occipital Lobe
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You may also confuse the following colors:
dark green/dark red
Fun fact:

Most people who have color vision deficiency are born with it, and most are boys. (About 8 percent of men are colorblind to some extent, but only one-half of 1 percent of women are.)

A particle representing light energy.
You need light/photons to actually see. Sight happens because photons are received. This is why you cannot see in the dark.
My souvenir demonstrates how the iris dilates the pupil to let a certain amount of light in. When you twist the telescope clockwise, the pupil will enlarge, and more light will be let in.
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